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The Story of Your Book

Established in 1974, Genesis Publications is an independent publishing house true to the arts of printing and craftsmanship. Inspired by the traditions of the private press, we are pioneering in our methods and materials. Often combining traditional bookmaking crafts, such as fine leather bindings, with modern materials such as perspex and aluminium, we create books that are works of art in themselves.

'Books that will both appreciate and be appreciated.' - The Washington Post

Hand finished by master bookbinders they include special design features such as: hand-cut leather, mixed media bindings, gilt-edged pages, gold foil embellishments, trace papers, bespoke bookmarkers and hand-sewn detailing.

Our limited editions are highly sought after and feature in the collections of the world's finest libraries, including the New York Public Library's Rare and Fine Printed Book Department.


Sustainability at Genesis

Genesis editions are specially crafted to be enjoyed in the years to come with materials selected for durability and quality. As we move towards a more sustainable future in publishing, our production teams are continually exploring innovative materials as they come on the market.
Genesis is excited to explore the use of Toile Ocean cloth for our new titles. Woven from 100% recycled plastic gathered from oceans and coastlines it is characterised by its high durability, making it the perfect material for your book. For every metre sold, 1% of their annual turnover goes to clean water projects.
We are also transitioning from more traditional leathers to vegan alternatives, including apple leather, which is produced using leftover pomace and peel, and mushroom leather which replicates the feel and texture of leather, yet outperforms it in strength. By using these materials, we maintain our traditional methods while lessening our impact on the environment.

Over 40 Years of Publishing

In 2016, we celebrated our 100th book, I ME MINE - The Extended Edition, the complete collection of George Harrison's lyrics, 36 years after publishing the first edition.

In 2017, we presented a special edition, Genesis 100, celebrating 100 titles from over 40 years of publishing. Working with Eric Clapton, Sir Peter Blake, and the estates of George Harrison and David Bowie, some of Genesis's most sought-after books are re-imagined as a collection of fine-bound pocket editions.

'These books are not mass produced publications but are beautiful hand-made gems. Genesis books are works of art in themselves, which is why particularly rare Genesis publications are today sold alongside old master paintings and contemporary art.' - Helen Hall, Former Christie's Vice President and Specialist in Entertainment Memorabilia

Vogue Voice of a Century


Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Shulman and 100 Vogue Contributors


A Guide to the Labyrinth The Collected Works of Jim Morrison

A Guide to the Labyrinth

Jim Morrison


The story of your book

Since 1974 Genesis has created signed limited edition books on behalf of authors and artists ranging from the Beatles to Buckingham Palace.


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