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Fender Launches Chrissie Hynde Signature Telecaster

20 Jan 2021

Chrissie Hynde is the latest musician to have one of their iconic guitars reproduced by Fender. The Chrissie Hynde Telecaster features an alder body in faded ice blue and a custom C-shaped maple neck, matching Hynde's 1965 model that she bought in New York City and played with the Pretenders.

She joins other Genesis authors who have collaborated with Fender as part of their Artist Series. Last year, Fender released the Tom Morello 'Soul Power' Stratocaster. Based on the heavily modified guitar that Morello used during his tenure with rock supergroup Audioslave, Fender matched the specs and included the 'Soul Power' slogan which Tom inscribed on the body of the original guitar.

Also in the series is the Jimmy Page 'Dragon' Telecaster. Page's 'Dragon Tele' is one of the many guitars that holds a rich history within his career and the musician had to revisit the original artwork so that it could be reproduced.

'For the limited edition model of this guitar that I put out in 2019 with Fender, the original artwork needed to be recreated and repainted. I had the original reflective scratch plate as a starting point, and the guitar body now stripped of all paint. Then I worked with a graphic artist using archive photographs where we could see the grain of the guitar and retrace the outline of my original painting and produce the colours. It's jolly close to the original and I'm really pleased that I managed to do it.' - Jimmy Page

In a recent collection of fine art prints with Genesis, the Anthology Portfolio, Page has carefully selected photographs from Jimmy Page: The Anthology to be made available as large format prints. His 'Dragon' Tele is included in the collection, as well as his iconic Gibson double-neck, his Gibson 'Black Beauty' and more.
Adding The Blue

Adding The Blue

Chrissie Hynde


Jimmy Page: The Anthology Portfolio Fine Art Print Series

Jimmy Page: The Anthology Portfolio

Jimmy Page


Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

Tom Morello


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