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Janis Joplin: Days & Summers

Scrapbook 1966-68

Janis Joplin

‘I’m sure you’ve heard that I’m a new breed swinger now, the idol of my generation, a rock’n’roll singer. Yes fans, yes, it’s true.’ – Janis Joplin

As the first-ever female rock star who dazzled listeners with her powerful voice and fierce uninhibited style, few musicians have attained the same iconic status as Janis Joplin. Now, Janis’s personal scrapbook is revealed for the first time, compiled between 1966-1968, as the singer found her star rising.

‘Fans can take a deep dive into her personal archives with the scrapbook Janis Joplin: Days & Summers.’ - Rolling Stone

‘Genesis Publications creates a 5-star Janis Joplin scrapbook.’ - Goldmine

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The Scrapbook

Janis Joplin: Days & Summers

'We've had Janis's scrapbook for a long time. It was really important to her. Scrapbooks may sound quaint and old-fashioned today, but by sitting down, cutting these things out, sticking them in place and annotating them, Janis has given us a unique record of the period.' - Michael Joplin

In her handmade scrapbook Janis Joplin created a personal record of her meteoric rise to fame and the flowering of Sixties counterculture in which she was to play a lead role. From the singer's earliest intimate blues gigs in local coffee houses, to her first appearances with Big Brother and the Holding Company, to the band's breakthrough performance at Monterey Pop Festival in June 1967, Janis's story is remarkable. Throughout it all, she collected posters, souvenirs, press clippings, photographs and records, and annotated them with her comments.

More than 50 years later, Janis's scrapbook is revealed for the first time. Featured alongside are previously unpublished items from her personal archive, including letters she wrote home to her family and a preceding scrapbook from her senior high school years, 1956-59. Collectively, they offer a brand new perspective on the Port Arthur girl that transformed into a rock goddess, setting the world on fire with her talent.

'This is a deeply personal, kaleidoscopic, hippie-vivid portrait of a woman finding her way in the world.' - The Telegraph
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  • Janis Joplin's astrological chart
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The Manuscript

Janis Joplin: Days & Summers

'Her voice was so powerful it would cut through a rock... Right away we knew she was the one. We said to her, 'We're working next weekend, hope you're ready.' - Peter Albin, Big Brother and the Holding Company

Written by the people who really knew Janis and those inspired by her, the book's in-depth text provides a fascinating, new account of the singer's extraordinary life. With an introduction by Grace Slick and an afterword by Kris Kristofferson, the book's list of nearly 40 contributors includes Big Brother bandmates Peter Albin and Dave Getz, Jefferson Airplane members Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen, musicians Mick Fleetwood, Chrissie Hynde, Tom Jones, Taj Mahal, Michelle Philips and Jimmy Page, talk show host Dick Cavett, as well as siblings Laura and Michael Joplin.

Other figures interviewed exclusively for the project include Woodstock Festival organiser Michael Lang, American artist Stanley Mouse, writers Ben Fong-Torres, Richard Goldstein and David Dalton, plus legendary rock photographers Henry Diltz, Bob Gruen and Elliott Landy.

'Days & Summers features contributions from a who's who of the West Coast rock'n'roll establishment... Among all these voices, Laura and Michael Joplin's recollections offer a personal and familial insight.' - GQ
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The Author

Janis Joplin: Days & Summers

'An amazingly talented human tornado who just whirled her way into our consciousness. We try to describe her but, like being in love, it's difficult telling someone else how stunning the impact is. You know when you feel it, and Janis was probably the best at translating those all-consuming emotions.' - Grace Slick

Janis Joplin was an American singer, songwriter and arranger, from Port Arthur, Texas, who moved to San Francisco in 1966 to join local band Big Brother and the Holding Company and pursue her dream of becoming a musician. She died aged 27 on October 4, 1970. She is one of the most influential icons from the Sixties and considered one of the best female blues singers ever.

'There was just nothing else like her - total rebelliousness, abandon, musical excellence, and connection with everyone in the audience. Pure magic. Everybody just loved her. She gave us a voice that was anti-establishment, and I've lived by it ever since.' - Chrissie Hynde
  • Janis Joplin's Days and Summers signed limited edition book
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The Signatories

Janis Joplin: Days & Summers

Each book in the Days & Summers edition is estate-stamped with Janis Joplin's signature, and hand-signed by the following contributors:

Laura Joplin: Janis Joplin's sister
Michael Joplin: Janis Joplin's brother
Peter Albin: American musician, guitarist and bassist. Founding member of Big Brother and the Holding Company
Dave Getz: American musician, teacher and visual artist. Drummer in Big Brother and the Holding Company
Jorma Kaukonen: American blues, folk, and rock guitarist. Founding member of Jefferson Airplane
  • Janis Joplin: Days & Summers Book and Record Set
  • Janis Joplin Days and Summers Book Binding
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The Collector Copies

Janis Joplin: Days & Summers

Collector copies are numbered from 351 to 2,000, hand-signed by the contributors, and authenticated with the Janis Joplin estate stamp.

The Video

Janis Joplin: Days & Summers

Join us as we take you inside the Janis Joplin vault in an exclusive video made for Genesis subscribers.

Janis Joplin: Days & Summers

Scrapbook 1966-68

Select from the following editions:

Janis Joplin: Days & Summers

Janis Joplin: Days & Summers

  • ISBN:
  • Collector:
    1650 copies
  • Signed by:
    Peter Albin, Dave Getz, Jorma Kaukonen, Laura Joplin and Michael Joplin and estate-stamped with Janis's signature.
  • Binding:
    Quarter vegan leather binding
  • Extras:
    7" vinyl with two blues tracks from The Typewriter Tape recorded in 1964 in Santa Clara, California by Janis Joplin and Jorma Kaukonen: 'Daddy Daddy Daddy' by Janis Joplin and 'Trouble In Mind' • Foreword by Grace Slick and Afterword by Kris Kristofferson with a stamp of his signature
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As the first-ever female rock star who dazzled listeners with her powerful voice and fierce uninhibited style, few musicians have attained the same iconic status as Janis Joplin. Now, Janis’s personal scrapbook is revealed for the first time, compiled between 1966-1968, as the singer found her star rising.

  • Published Jun 2021
  • Page size: 305mm x 325mm
  • 256 pages
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