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Hot Rods and Rock & Roll

Jeff Beck

In BECK01 Jeff Beck takes us on the journey of a lifetime. Over five decades, he has blazed a trail forging a unique style lauded by critics, fans and fellow guitar legends. Telling the story behind the music, Beck's twin inspirations - hot rodding and rock'n'roll - are now bound together in the official signed limited edition book of his career.

'Right from the beginning, I've tried to do something with anything I've got hold of. At the age of 13, I built two or three of my own guitars. I painted the frets on. It was fun just to look at it and hold it… I knew where I was headed.' Jeff Beck

The first 350 books in Beck's limited edition are Deluxe Copies. Each is lovingly handcrafted in Italian leather, presented in an archival solander case and includes an exclusive signed print suitable for framing. Each Deluxe Copy is numbered and individually signed by Jeff Beck.

  • Photography by Robert Knight

    Photography by Robert Knight

  • Photograohy by Baron Wolman

    Photograohy by Baron Wolman

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The Photography


Beck has opened his archives specially for the making of his book. Family photos are included alongside personal letters from friends and heroes including Charles Mingus BB King and Les Paul.

'I had no idea that this many photos existed until we found them during the making of my book. The pictures of the disappearing hot rod are going to blow people's minds.' Jeff Beck

Beck's remarkable life in music is documented through the work of top photographers including Robert Knight, Baron Wolman, Bob Gruen, Michael Putland, Barrie Wentzell, Gered Mankowitz, Neil Zlozower and Michael Zagaris.

Influential magazine spreads, set lists, posters and record sleeves further illustrate Beck's words.
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  • Hot Rods and Rock image 5

Hot Rods and Rock


For the first time Beck explains in print how he lovingly constructs hot rods composes music and customises his instruments.

'Constructing a hot rod takes a lot of patience. It's the same with music. There's no use cutting corners, but I enjoy the process.' Jeff Beck

Beck's cars and guitars are photographed exclusively for Genesis readers, offering a fascinating new perspective on his art.
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The Manuscript


In an original text spanning more than 350 pages Beck shares anecdotes from his early bands The Yardbirds, The Jeff Beck Group, Beck, Bogert and Appice and his multi-award-winning solo career.

Read stories of disappearing hot rods, stolen guitars, secret studio sessions and near-catastrophic car crashes. Beck tells of playing with Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Page, Ronnie Wood, Eric Clapton, John McLaughlin, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Diana Ross, Scotty Moore, Pete Townshend and many more. His new limited edition is introduced by guitar virtuoso John McLaughlin.

'When asked to write the introduction to this book about Jeff, I thought to myself who better? So I wrote, "Jeff Beck is my all time favourite electric guitarist"... What do I say after that?' John McLaughlin
  • The Author image 1

The Author


Jeff Beck is one of musics true innovators. The release of BECK01 celebrates the anniversary of his debut solo album Blow by Blow produced by George Martin 40 years ago.

'Jeff is quite simply a "born" guitarist. Not only does he have the mysterious talent that is innate, he has not stopped evolving over the years. He has forged a unique and wonderful style of playing that is instantly recognizable. He has the most fluid style of playing I've ever heard.'  John McLaughlin, in his foreword

'Jeff Beck has been a hot rodder for decades. Upon first examination this seems at odds with our image of Jeff Beck, the musician. But to Jeff, it makes perfect sense. The common thread is that in the post WWII world in which he grew up, all roads led to an America flush with a new energy fuelled by the youthful adrenaline of rock-and-roll music and hot rod automobiles.' Steve Coonan, hot rodder magazine editor and author.
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The Limited Edition


All copies in the limited edition are signed by Jeff Beck.

BECK01 is quarter bound by hand in Italian leather and aluminium, with silver page edging and hand tooling. A stamped metal front cover reproduces a Californian number plate from the year Beck was born. The large format book (280 mm x 320mm; 11 in x 12.5 in) is housed in an archival case. The case features a foil-blocked illustration inspired by Von Dutch's legendary pinstriping designs.

Each book is individually signed by Jeff Beck. Only 2,000 numbered copies will ever be created.

The Video


Jeff Beck joins readers at Mel's Drive In, Los Angeles. With a jukebox selection picked by Jeff and stunning hot rods courtesy of Roy Brizio's 'Street Rods', the US preview of BECK01 was attended by Genesis subscribers from all over the world.


Hot Rods and Rock & Roll

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  • ISBN:
  • Deluxe:
    350 copies
  • Signed by:
    Jeff Beck
  • Contributors:
    John McLaughlin
  • Paper:
    Heavyweight 200gsm archival grade matt art paper
  • Extras:
    Limited edition 10" x 8" print
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In BECK01 Jeff Beck takes us on the journey of a lifetime. Beck's twin inspirations - hot rodding and rock'n'roll - are now bound together in the official signed limited edition book of his career.

  • Published Jul 2016
  • Page size: 280mm x 320mm
  • 352 pages
  • 300 images
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