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19 Oct 2021

In 1985, Chuck D emerged onto the hip-hop scene as part of the politically fuelled group, Public Enemy. As a graphic design major from Long Island, a chance meeting with a handful of students ended with the release of Yo! Bum Rush the Show, an album that altered the landscape of hip-hop music forever. Three decades later, Chuck D is a multi-platinum recording artist, recipient of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, an educator, activist and celebrated visual artist.

Genesis is proud to announce the first official book of his artwork. Accompanied by a perceptive, insightful commentary composed by the finest mind in hip-hop, Chuck D guides the reader through his thought process and inspirations, sharing anecdotes and discussing the connotations behind his striking, one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

From portraits of his biggest musical inspirations including Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, and the Beastie Boys, to his original creation of the Public Enemy logo, to his political cartoons and sketches that provide a social commentary on the world around him, Chuck D's artwork offers readers a unique perspective into his life and work.
CHUCK D: 'In a digital era where people are listening with their eyes, I think we're seeing the elements of sight, sound, story and style finally coming together in a way that I've been about my entire life. I was raised with an artist's mentality; my first 25 years were spent as somebody who wanted to live among graphics and artwork and illustration, and then for the next 30 years it was all music.
In the last six years, I've reverted back into the arts, combining all of these elements in my work, still trying to change the world. This is truly what I want to do. My deepest thanks to Genesis for giving me a place to be able to display all of this through my artwork.'


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