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Definitely (Publisher's Copies)

The Official Story of Def Leppard

Def Leppard

Following on from the signed limited edition box set, Definitely: The Official Story of Def Leppard, Genesis and Def Leppard are creating a bookstore edition â€" a more accessible and affordable printing of the book presented in a slimmer, hardcover format.

These special Publisher's Copies include a bookstore edition copy of Definitely presented in a slipcase with an exclusive 10" x 8" photographic print and a facsimile reproduction concert ticket. They will be created and made available for a limited time.
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The Vault

Definitely (Publisher's Copies)

'We had balls and we were naive, in a good way. We just went out there, full throttle...' - Joe Elliott

With unlimited access to the Def Leppard Vault, Definitely presents over 1,500 items of memorabilia and photography, spanning four decades of the band's history. 
The hundreds of pieces of ephemera include handwritten correspondence, rare vinyl pressings, tour memorabilia, set lists, lyrics, stage clothing, music video storyboards, draft album artwork and press cuttings. Hundreds of photographs are featured within the book, many of these unseen, granting the viewer unprecedented access to Def Leppard. The band is seen recording in various studios, at promo shoots, on tour in planes, trains, cars and Holiday Inns, backstage and, of course, doing what they are best known for - performing their explosive live shows in front of global audiences from 1978 to the present day. 

'Resilience and drive are at the core of Def Leppard and a big reason why the band has endured.' - Vivian Campbell

Part memoir, part scrapbook, Definitely: The Official Story of Def Leppard is the ultimate record of Def Leppard's legendary career.

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The Manuscript

Definitely (Publisher's Copies)

'Coming up during the punk era helped us because there were only a couple of bands playing our type of music. People probably took more notice of us because we stood out.' - Rick Savage

The 62,000-word manuscript has been gathered from extensive new interviews with current band members, as well as text from archive interviews with Steve Clark and Pete Willis. The band's wide-ranging account chronicles Def Leppard's incredible story, from rehearsing in a spoon factory in Sheffield, to recording ground-breaking multi-platinum albums and playing sell-out stadium tours worldwide. 

'Def Leppard are original, inimitable and, well, I'm gonna say immortal.' - Brian May

Definitely also features introductions by Queen founder and guitar maestro Brian May and renowned journalist and senior editor of Rolling Stone, David Fricke.
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  • Def Leppard by Anton Corbijn

The Authors

Definitely (Publisher's Copies)

'We've been around each other's pain and suffering, as well as the wonderful stuff like kids and marriage. And then when we make music together it's amazing.' - Phil Collen

Despite an average age of only 18, Def Leppard forever transformed the hard-rock scene upon their arrival in 1980, causing a new wave of the genre to erupt. Thinking big from the very start, the blueprint for their music was stated by singer Joe Elliott as 'Queen meets AC/DC.' Current members are Joe Elliott (lead vocals), Rick Savage (bass and vocals), Rick Allen (drums), Phil Collen (guitar and vocals) and Vivian Campbell (guitar and vocals). Past members were Tony Kenning (drums), Pete Willis (guitar) and Steve Clark (guitar). From extensive new text contributions to in-depth archival interviews, every member's voice is present within the book.

'We've grown up together. We've all been through a lot and had enough setbacks to realise that we're really strong as a team.' - Rick Allen

Def Leppard's story is one of stratospheric highs and crashing lows, one of triumph over adversity. As the band became one of the world's best-selling music artists with hit albums Pyromania and Hysteria, the band overcame drummer Rick Allen's accident and the death of bandmate Steve Clark. During their 45-year history, Def Leppard have continued their streak of bestselling albums, with 12 studio albums to their name including their 2022 release Diamond Star Halos, finding further success with every record and tour.

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  • Def Leppard Definitely Photograph & Envelope
  • Def Leppard 1983 Concert Ticket
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The Publisher's Copies

Definitely (Publisher's Copies)

These special Publisher's Copies include a Bookstore Edition copy of Definitely presented in a slipcase with an exclusive 8" x 10" photographic print and a facsimile concert ticket. They will be created and made available for a limited time.

The bookstore edition copies of Definitely feature a black cloth spine with gold and red foil-blocking. Additionally, these Publisher's Copies are presented in a blue and black printed slipcase with gold foiling. 

The Definitely Publisher's Copies feature an exclusive 10" x 8" stamped print of the band posed in front of a Sheffield street sign in Corpus Christi, Texas. The group portrait was taken by Ross Halfin during the On Through The Night Tour in 1981.

Celebrating Def Leppard's return to Sheffield on their 2023 UK tour, the Definitely Publisher's Copies also include a reproduction concert ticket from the band's performance at the city's Don Valley Stadium 30 years ago. On 6th June 1993, the venue's inaugural show was attended by nearly 50,000 Def Leppard fans.

The print and facsimile ticket are housed in a black envelope with blue metallic foil blocking.

The Video

Definitely (Publisher's Copies)

'The definitive Def Leppard book, Union Jack shorts and all.' - Classic Rock

Definitely (Publisher's Copies)

The Official Story of Def Leppard

Definitely (Publisher's Copies)

Definitely (Publisher's Copies)

  • ISBN:
  • Publishers Copies:
    2023 copies
  • Contributors:
    Brian May, David Fricke
  • Binding:
    Hardcover with black cloth spine
  • Box:
  • Extras:
    8" x 10" stamped photographic print • Facsimile reproduction concert ticket
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Offering fans the most personal and comprehensive record of Def Leppard’s history to date, Definitely: The Official Story of Def Leppard is narrated by the band in their own words, illustrated with photography and memorabilia from the Def Leppard archives.

  • Published Feb 2024
  • Page size: 290mm x 245mm
  • 240 pages
  • 62000 words
  • 1520 images
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