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Six-String Stories

The Crossroads Guitars 1999-2011

Eric Clapton

'One by one these guitars were the chapters of my life. They belong to a very well-loved family' Eric Clapton

Beginning with his blues roots and early days, Clapton’s signed limited edition documents his entire career through the tools of his trade: his guitars. Six-String Stories is told through Clapton’s own words, with background information for each instrument and archival photography spanning five decades.

'I bought Six-String Stories a couple of weeks ago, and this book is so amazing! I haven't finished reading the book yet, but it's always a pleasure to hold in my hands. I love books (I've had about 400 of them) and guitars and Eric Clapton. I'm really happy that I found my 'personal treasure'. Thank you.' T. Fuchs, Subscriber, Germany
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The Photography

Six-String Stories

Every piece in Eric Clapton's extensive collection has been photographed, showing the beauty of the design and the wear and tear often caused by years on the road.

'As an avid rock or blues fan I would look at all the pictures in this book.' Eric Clapton

The instruments are also shown in play, with performance shots of Clapton taken by over 80 of the world's best photographers, including David Bailey, Terry O'Neill, Dominique Tarlé and Lord Snowdon. See Clapton's evolution from the psychedelic sixties, through the stripped-back seventies, electric eighties and unplugged nineties, right up to the 2011 Crossroads auction.
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The Manuscript

Six-String Stories

Eric recalls the instruments he bought to emulate his heroes, the guitars with unknown origins that became their own legend, the ones that never left his side, and the legacy they left behind.

'These guitars have been really good tools; they're not just museum pieces. They all have a soul and they all come alive.' Eric Clapton

You can see and hear the guitars in use, with playlists and concert dates accompanying the instruments used on records and at public appearances. Our 50-year documentation of Clapton's performance history, included within the book, allows you to further reference the guitars against Clapton's life's work.  

Historical and technical information is provided for every piece of Clapton's vast collection to complete the story behind each guitar.
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The Author

Six-String Stories

20 years since the first collaboration between Eric Clapton and Genesis, we are honoured to present the definitive collection of his guitars.

24 Nights and Live in Japan - now both sold-out and highly sought after editions - have both captured significant periods in Clapton's life; but Six String Stories spans his entire career to date. 

'These books are milestones.' Eric Clapton 
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The Limited Edition

Six-String Stories

As well as sharing his previously unheard stories and unpublished photographs, Clapton has personally signed each numbered copy of Six-String Stories as a mark of his approval.

'The guitars are things of great beauty.' Eric Clapton

The hand-crafted binding is inspired by the book's content. The collector copies are quarter bound in cherry red leather to match Clapton's famous Gibson ES-335. The silhouettes of some of his most iconic guitars are blocked in gold and silver foils onto the cover. The book's 376 pages are also edged in gold.

A buckram-covered slipcase with leather accents houses the limited edition. The title is silk-screened onto the front in the style of the 'Cream' and 'Derek and The Dominos' stencils that brand Clapton's early guitar cases.

The Deluxe Copies

Six-String Stories

Deluxe copies of SIX-STRING STORIES are numbered 1 to 350 and signed by Eric Clapton.

The hand-crafted binding is inspired by the book's content. The wooden cover is imprinted with the silhouettes of different instruments and varnished to match Clapton's signature model Martin guitars. Quarter bound with a black leather spine, the book's 376 pages are edged in gold. The title is silk-screened onto a buckram-covered solander box in the style of the 'Cream' and 'Derek and The Dominos' stencils that brand Clapton's early guitar cases. Inside, a black felt lining protects the book. 

Exclusive to the Deluxe box set, a hand-drawn sketch by Eric Clapton is reproduced as a fine art print suitable for framing (8.5" x 11" Giclée print onto Hahnemühle German Etching paper). Created during the making of Me and Mr. Johnson and sourced from Clapton's archives, this print is only available with Six-String Stories, numbered 1-350 to match your book and embossed with Eric's signature.

'I was so pleased to see the sketch, I'd completely forgotten about it... Robert Johnson is the most important influence I've had in my life and always will be.' Eric Clapton
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Crossroads Centre

Six-String Stories

Founded by Eric Clapton, Crossroads Centre Antigua offers a therapeutic, supportive and safe environment - away from the confusion of life in addiction - on the beautiful island of Antigua.

'When I asked Brian Roylance to help me out with Crossroads, he asked me, 'Are you willing to go to any lengths?' I said, 'Well yeah,' not even really realising what that meant. But then I found out! The Crossroads Centre is still going, so it all had some substance, and that made parting with my guitars OK.'  Eric Clapton

Alongside the auction of Eric Clapton's Guitars, proceeds from Six-String Stories will benefit Eric Clapton's Crossroads Centre Antigua. Discover more here.

Six-String Stories

The Crossroads Guitars 1999-2011

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Six-String Stories

Six-String Stories

  • ISBN:
  • Limited:
    1650 copies
  • Signed by:
    Eric Clapton
  • Paper:
    Heavyweight GardaMatt and GardaPat Art
  • Box:
    Hand-made slipcase featuring silkscreen printed artwork and leather accents.
Limited No longer available

Beginning with his blues roots and early days, Clapton's signed limited edition chronicles his entire career through the tools of his trade: his guitars. SIX-STRING STORIES is told through Clapton's own words, with background information for each instrument and archival photography spanning five decades.

  • Page size: 250mm x 320mm
  • 376 pages
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