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Ross Halfin Travels

Ross Halfin

'Ross Halfin has traveled the world photographing rock stars like Jimmy Page. Along the way he learned a few things about the best lens to travel with and where to find a stunning landscape.' – The New York Times

Ross Halfin is the Editor behind iconic Genesis limited editions: The Who Live, Maximum Who and Classic Hendrix and worked as Consultant Editor on Jimmy Page's first limited edition.

Highly regarded for his work in the field of rock photography with bands such as The Who and artists such as Ronnie Wood, among many others, this book is a collection of the beautifully esoteric photographs taken by Ross in quiet moments, often while on tour.

'These images represent something else for me altogether - an uncomplicated freedom to enjoy the world my own way. These are pictures of odd things and textures that have caught my eye, that made me slow down, stop, look and feel something.' – Ross Halfin

'This book will make people aware of Ross's other side.' – Jimmy Page
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The Photography


Sojourner presents a collection of over 200 beautiful photographs by photographer Ross Halfin, taken in quiet moments whilst travelling the world as a rock photographer for bands such as Kings of Leon and Metallica.

Featured in the book is a Foreword by Jimmy Page and introductions by fellow photographer Baron Wolman, and writers Brad Tolinski and Pete Makowski. 

'Looking at these pictures you can feel the pulse and remember the scent of these places.' - Jimmy Page

'It is Halfin's ability to go beyond the surface and capture the essence of a cloud or a mountain that makes his travel images unique.' - Brad Tolinski

'There is an "other-worldliness" to Ross Halfin's photography. Halfin's photographs are testimony to his excellence in separating the timeless from the mundane' - Baron Wolman 

'Travel photography is a combination of art and science. You have to possess knowledge and understanding, but also imagination and vision. As Degas said, "Even in front of nature one must compose."' - Peter Makowski
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The Manuscript


'Aesthetically there is beauty in the most simple of sights and colours and, if you look, you'll want to discover more.' - Ross Halfin

Ross's own words provide an interesting insight into the collection of photographs presented in Sojourner. His captions express his thoughts and feelings about the places he's visited, nature and the world we live in as well as the lengths he goes to achieve the images he envisions.

'Aside from the visual differences when traveling the world, I particularly notice the distinct smells of places.' - Ross Halfin
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The Author


Ross Halfin is one of Britain's pre-eminent music photographers for a wide range of artists from The Who to Metallica and The Kings of Leon.

As Photographic Editor he has also contributed to many Genesis limited editions including The Who Live, Maximum Who and Classic Hendrix and most recently, as Consultant Editor on Jimmy Page's now sold out limited edition.

'Sojourner represents something else for me altogether: an uncomplicated freedom to enjoy the world my own way and, although not always easy, a chance to capture some of the things I see.' - Ross Halfin 


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The Collector Copies


The Collector edition is bound in black silk with gold blocking. A plate is inset on the front cover. Just 400 copies are available worldwide.

Collector copies are signed by Ross Halfin, numbered from 251 to 650 inclusively, and presented in a hand-crafted slipcase.

'The green rice fields give the feeling of being content, at peace.' - Ross Halfin

The Video


Ross Halfin talks about his photography in Sojourner and the process of creating this new limited edition book.


Ross Halfin Travels

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  • ISBN:
  • Collector:
    400 copies
  • Signed by:
    Ross Halfin
  • Contributors:
    Jimmy Page, Baron Wolman, Brad Tolinski and Pete Makowski
  • Paper:
    200gsm fine art paper
  • Binding:
    Black silk with gold blocking and inset photograph.
  • Box:
    Hand crafted slipcase.
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Ross Halfin is highly regarded for his work in the field of rock photography with bands such as The Who, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and artists such as Ronnie Wood and Jeff Beck amongst many others. This book is a collection of beautifully esoteric photographs taken by Ross in quiet moments, often while on tour with these bands.

  • Page size: 220mm x 285mm
  • 168 pages
  • 224 images
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