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Jackie Stewart's Grand Prix Album

Sir Jackie Stewart

Limited to just 1,500 signed and numbered copies, with a foreword by His Serene Highness Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco, Collage is a celebration of the career of the one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time, Sir Jackie Stewart.

Leather-bound in Scotland by craft bookbinders, Collage is a critically acclaimed account of an incredible motor racing career, as told in Sir Jackie Stewart's own words and through the archive of the Stewart family albums. A wealth of unseen photographs, press cuttings, pit passes and memorabilia bring to life Stewart’s historic decade in Formula One racing.

'Collage is a unique record of an era and a driver that changed the nature of Formula One as we know it.' – Top Gear, BBC

'This wonderful book, which is beautifully presented, is a great tribute to Sir Jackie Stewart. As a proud Scot, Jackie Stewart survived at a time when few of the top Grand Prix drivers lived beyond the sport. This book is a trip down memory lane in the most vivid and explicit fashion.' – His Serene Highness II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco

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The Manuscript


A unique account of the incredible racing career of Sir Jackie Stewart told through the unseen archive of the Stewart family albums and Sir Jackie's own in-depth commentary.

Collage begins with Sir Jackie's early sports car and Formula Three races and culminates in his retirement after winning a third world championship in 1973.

In between times was a relentlessly high-octane career that included racing in Formula One, Two and Three - often simultaneously - Le Mans, CanAm, the Indianapolis 500 twice and two eventful Tasman Series. He chalked up 27 Grand Prix victories in 99 starts, was awarded an OBE and, in 1966, suffered a near-fatal crash that led to him becoming a pioneering campaigner for improved driver safety.

'Between 1968 and 1973 there was a two-in-three chance I was going to die. I thought that was wrong so I went about trying to change it fairly vigorously. It was highly irregular for a driver to be speaking out about safety but in my opinion it's the biggest contribution I made to motor sport - much more so than winning three world championships.' - Sir Jackie Stewart

There were also film premieres, trips on ocean liners, the birth of his two children and even a royal wedding. The triumphs and losses were documented extensively by Lady Helen and are now narrated by Sir Jackie Stewart in over 200 beautifully-reproduced pages with an introduction from His Serene Highness Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco.

'These pages offer glimpses of a life that ended for me over three decades ago, a life that contained loss and sadness as well as the euphoria of success.' - Sir Jackie Stewart

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The Author


A collation of the original Stewart Grand Prix family albums, Collage has been assembled by Sir Jackie Stewart and is interwoven with his own personal stories and recollections to create a dramatic re-telling of a 'rocket ship ride' career.

Originally compiled by Sir Jackie's wife, Lady Helen Stewart, the Stewart Grand Prix albums began in the early Sixties with a few press cuttings. They grew to 17 volumes that come to peak in 1973.

'This incredible archive, which eventually ran to 17 volumes, is now one of our family's most treasured possessions. That it exists at all is down to Helen. I was merely the sportsman doing his job.' - Sir Jackie Stewart

This utterly unique Grand Prix Album not only tells the personal story of a truly remarkable sportsman, but also opens up a fascinating new window onto the halcyon days of Formula One.

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The Collector Edition


Collage is Jackie Stewart's historic document of a pivotal era in motorsport and a luxurious, hand-crafted volume to be treasured in its own right. Strictly limited to 1,500 copies worldwide.

Jackie Stewart's 208-page album is superbly reproduced with an English printer founded in 1845. Printed on premium, heavyweight, uncoated art paper, the book's pages are then bound by hand at an artisan bookbindery in Scotland.

Each book features gilded page edging and hand-tooled decorative work blocked in gold leaf. The robust leather half-binding is presented in a hand-crafted slipcase inspired by Sir Jackie Stewart's crash helmet. The case is finished with silk-laminated paper, gold-foiling and a Royal Stewart tartan band. 
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The Reviews


'Stewart's honesty brilliantly matches the scrambled together page layouts, to create a real insight into life as an F1 driver in the 1960s and 1970s.' - ESPN

'The handcrafted tome comes in its own tartan-clad sleeve, with a gold-embossed cover and gilt-edged pages... It provides a fascinating insight into Stewart's Grand Prix years.' - New Zealand Herald

'A magnificent, hand-bound volume of his own private scrapbooks, meticulously and lovingly compiled by his wife of 50 years, Lady Helen. It will soon become a collector's item... The pages chronicle his life from his pre-racing days to the climax of his career.' - Daily Express

'Lavish... The pages include faded newspaper cuttings as well as letters, telegrams from the famous, pit passes and postcards.' - Times of India

'This is a sumptuous book that offers a real insight into both Stewart's career and the development of motorsport through the years.' - Motorsport News

'A scrapbook of this kind tells a tale in a way that a formal autobiography never can... Stewart was active in motor racing at a highly perilous time. It wasn't all good, this period of racing history, but the best of it was as glorious as the sport has known. This book captures it in its entirety.' - Motor Sport Magazine


Jackie Stewart's Grand Prix Album

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  • ISBN:
  • Collector:
    1401 copies
  • Signed by:
    Jackie Stewart
  • Contributors:
    Lady Helen Stewart, His Serene Highness Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco
  • Paper:
    Heavy uncoated art paper
  • Binding:
    Half-bound in blue leather and cloth, with gilt tooling and gilded page edging.
  • Box:
    Housed in a slipcase finished with silk-laminated paper, gilt foiling and a Royal Stewart tartan band.
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The signed leather-bound chronicle of an incredible motor racing career: photographs, press cuttings, pit passes, memorabilia bring to life a halcyon decade in Formula One.

  • Page size: 245mm x 320mm
  • 208 pages
  • 30000 words
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