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Woodstock Experience

The festival's official signed book & multimedia set

Michael Lang, Henry Diltz & 60 contributors

Produced in collaboration with Woodstock Executive Producer, Michael Lang, Woodstock Experience, retells the story of the most influential music festival in history through an official book & multimedia box set in celebration of Woodstock's 40th anniversary, published as a signed limited edition of only 1,000 copies.

'Awe inspiring.' - Rolling Stone

Two large format books retell the story of Woodstock in over 300 pages. Volume One is the authorised history by 60 musicians, staff and audience members, illustrated by Woodstock's official photographer, Henry Diltz. Volume Two presents the unseen photography of Dan Garson.

Housed in a hand-made case, a drawer holds new essays, a 7" vinyl record and a fine art print by Peter Max. A leather pocket contains an authentic Woodstock ticket. The front and back is silk screened with new artwork featuring Jimi Hendrix created exclusively for Woodstock Experience by Shepard Fairey, the artist behind President Obama's now iconic 'Hope' election poster.

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The Photography

Woodstock Experience

Woodstock Experience reproduces many hundreds of photographs with the quality and finishing readers expect from Genesis. The official Woodstock archives of Henry Diltz, and a previously unseen portfolio by the late Dan Garson, are both published.

Of the photographers represented, Henry Diltz, was Woodstock's official photographer. Few were afforded the same level of access as Henry, and none possess the extensive archive published in this edition.

'Eye-boggling photos courtesy of Genesis Publications' latest coffee-table smasher.' - MOJO Magazine

Rewarded with full press accreditation, photographing among the crowd and from 'the pit' at the front of stage, few captured Hendrix's blistering performance of 'The Star-Spangled Banner'. Dan Garson was there until the end, taking remarkable pictures seen here for the first time, 40 years on.

Dan Garson's photography is totally unseen and has been held by his family since his passing. A photography enthusiast from a young age, Dan asked to cover Woodstock for his high-school magazine. His story having captured the imagination of the American national media, we are honoured to present his photographs for the first time.

'We're all familiar with the iconic images from Woodstock. What else could be left to see? With the discovery of an archive of photographs by a high school junior named Dan Garson, plenty.' USA Today

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The Manuscript

Woodstock Experience

Not since the milestone publication of Blinds & Shutters in 1989 has Genesis enlisted so many participants. 65 artists and luminaries provide an unparalleled account of Woodstock and the era.

'Eight months before the event, I had a dream. I was on a stage looking out at a sea of people, and I knew that was coming. I didn't have the specifics of it, but I had the end results. I just followed that.' - Michael Lang

'Getting into the concert was traumatic. We were being transported in a helicopter, the tail rotor stopped operating and the pilot had to slam the machine into the ground... Welcome to Woodstock.' - Graham Nash

'I was peaking on mescaline and all I could do was pray to god to keep me in time and in tune, because my guitar felt like it was made out of a rubber band. I felt like a salmon going upstream. I wasn't thinking anything else except, "God, please help me."' - Carlos Santana

'People may not realise something actually did happen, beyond a music concert. It was a social phenomenon. It was people driving in from almost every state in the union, coming together in a field with musicians - discovery time.' - Richie Havens

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The Limited Edition

Woodstock Experience

Volumes I and II are superbly printed on heavyweight art paper and cloth-bound with gilded page edging and hand-tooling. The hand-made case houses both volumes. A leather pocket secures the authentic Woodstock ticket. A draw holds essays, record and fine

Silk-screened on the front and back of Woodstock Experience are two exclusive artworks created by Shepard Fairey - the artist behind Barack Obama's 'Hope' presidential campaign poster.

Volume I The Story of Woodstock
Hand-signed by Michael Lang and Arlo Guthrie who provides a Foreword. More than 60 artists, musicians and organisers tell the compelling story of the Woodstock Music & Art Fair. Nearly 200 pages are lavishly illustrated by Woodstock's official photographer, Henry Diltz. Original letters, plans and notes, provided by Lang, offer a fascinating look behind the scenes.

Volume II - The Photographs of Dan Garson
Dan Garson was 17 years old when he took a chance and applied for a Woodstock press pass. Accompanied with reproductions from Dan's original diaries, written at the festival, this truly is one young man's Woodstock Experience. His beautiful 112-page monograph unveils nearly 100 completely unseen colour and monochrome photographs.

A reproduction of a Woodstock Music & Art Fair press pack holds loose-leaf essays by renowned Rolling Stone journalist Ben Fong-Torres, and Merry Prankster Paul Krassner; a reproduction of Dan Garson's typed high-school report on the festival; a moving interview with author and Vietnam veteran Tim O'Brien, and an exclusive folding 'art essay' by America's leading art director, George Lois.

Every copy of WOODSTOCK EXPERIENCE is accompanied by an original ticket for the Woodstock Music & Art Fair. Sourced by Michael Lang, this is not a reproduction but an authentic piece of Woodstock history.

7-Inch Vinyl Record & Fine Art Print
A limited edition featuring Santana's 'Savor' and Jefferson Airplane's 'White Rabbit' recorded live at Woodstock and pressed on heavyweight vinyl specially for this edition.

A limited edition fine art lithograph by the man who 'visualised the Sixties', the iconic artist Peter Max - printed on heavyweight archival paper is included. A new artwork, created by Peter Max exclusively for Woodstock Experience is also included within Volume I.

A reproduction of Michael Lang's original, hand-drawn map of the Woodstock festival site, printed as a limited edition facsimile.

Woodstock Experience

The festival's official signed book & multimedia set

Woodstock Experience

Woodstock Experience

  • ISBN:
  • Deluxe:
    1000 copies
  • Signed by:
    Michael Lang & Arlo Guthrie
  • Contributors:
    60 artists, musicians, audience members and organisers
  • Paper:
    200gsm matt art paper
  • Binding:
    2 cloth-bound volumes with gold and silver page edging and blocking.
  • Box:
    Hand-made folding case, silk-screened with art by Shepard Fairey.
  • Extras:
    Woodstock Music & Art Fair original ticket. Lithograph by Peter Max. Five new essays in a facsimile Woodstock press pack. Facsimile of Lang's hand-drawn festival map. Special 7" vinyl pressing of Santana's 'Savor' and Jefferson Airplane's 'White Rabbit'.
Deluxe No longer available

The vintage ticket included in each copy, plus two signed books, vinyl, art & essays make this an historic celebration of the Woodstock Music & Arts Fair.

  • Page size: 220mm x 290mm
  • 300 pages
  • 60000 words
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