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Ray Charles - Yes Indeed!

Official Limited Edition Book & DVD Set

Joe Adams, Bill Wyman & over 30 contributors

Ray Charles: Yes Indeed is the official tribute to the Genius by the musicians and friends who knew him best.

The edition, limited to 2,000 copies collects more than 100 previously unseen photographs by Charles' long-time friend and manager, Joe Adams. Intimate, revealing and nearly all in colour, the utterly-unique photographs capture Ray at work and play, in both public and private moments.

'A lucky find for fans.' The Independent

Published for the first time, Adams' photographic collection accompanies a new 20,000-word text from Ray's closest friends including Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and Willie Nelson a Foreword by Bill Wyman and an essay by Ray's official biographer, David Ritz.

'Ray Charles is, for me, the greatest music icon of the 20th century' from the Foreword by Bill Wyman.
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The Photography

Ray Charles - Yes Indeed!

The book unveils a cache of photographs recently discovered at RPM Studios in Los Angeles, the creative centre of Ray Charles' life and work.

Nearly all in full colour, the collection presents a vibrant record of Ray's life from the early Sixties until his passing in 2004.'Over a period of some 45 years, only one person penetrated Ray's privacy: Joe Adams. He got closer to Ray than anyone.' David Ritz

Joe was Ray Charles' manager, business partner and friend for 45 years. Described as the 'man behind the man', his images bear witness to his instrumental role in Charles' career.

From his privileged standpoint, Joe Adams photographed legendary performances (such as 1973's appearance with Aretha Franklin on The Midnight Special) and also rare moments such as Ray relaxing backstage with his beloved chessboard - even at the cockpit of his private jet.

'When Joe picked up his Nikon to record scenes on the road with Ray Charles, he made magic without even working up a sweat. We are fortunate to get to share his rare view behind-the-scenes with his best friend, Ray Charles.'  Janet Macoska - Ray Charles Marketing Group

'When people look at this book I want them to take away from it the fact that the pictures are taken by a guy who was very fortunate to have the privilege of being associated with another guy, and that we liked and, most importantly, respected each other.' Joe Adams 

'Reveals hundreds of previously unseen images of Ray Charles.' The Telegraph
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The Manuscript

Ray Charles - Yes Indeed!

Including previously unpublished text from Ray Charles himself, Yes Indeed! provides first-hand testimony of both man and musician, highlighting Ray's inspirational musicianship and fierce intelligence.

The Foreword is provided by Bill Wyman plus a 20,000-word manuscript by Ray's friends and fellow musicians - including Stevie Wonder and Willie Nelson - exclusive to this signed book.

'Ray Charles is, for me, the greatest music icon of the 20th century' from the Foreword by Bill Wyman

'I heard 'Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand' on the Swing Time label and I said, 'Oh my God, I wish we could have an artist like that...' So we bought his contract for $3000. I would have paid anything to get it.' Ahmet Ertegun

A Preface by the photo-journalist and Ray Charles Marketing Group archivist Janet Macoska, and an Introduction by Joe Adams himself, give the story behind the photographs and the friendship which led to them.

Finally, an essay by Ray Charles' friend and biographer, David Ritz, provides a personal insight into 'The Genius' and his musical and spiritual legacy. David has also signed 2,000 copies in the edition.

'What meant most to him? Living every inch of his life to the fullest. I mean, wearing it out.' Quincy Jones
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The Author

Ray Charles - Yes Indeed!

Joe Adams was Ray Charles' manager, business partner and friend for 45 years. Described as the 'man behind the man', he was instrumental in Charles' rise as a cultural icon and enjoyed unprecedented photographic access to Ray's life.

From his privileged standpoint, Joe also caught incredibly rare moments such as Ray relaxing backstage, with his beloved chessboard, in hotel rooms and in his office, and at the cockpit of his private jet.

This collection of personal and insightful images provides a window into the singer's life, never seen before. Amazingly, the photographs were all but forgotten about until 2006 when they were discovered by staff at Ray Charles Enterprises while their Los Angeles offices were being re-modelled.
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The Contributors

Ray Charles - Yes Indeed!

Over 30 contributors have come together in Yes Indeed! including:

Joe Adams, Ruth Bowen, Ron Boyd, Carol Burnett, Jerry Butler, Glen Campbell, James Clay, Merry Clayton, Leroy Cooper, Hank Crawford, Ahmet Ertegun, Valerie Ervin, Sid Feller, Dizzy Gillespie, Phil Guilbeau, Tony Gumina, Etta James, Billy Joel, Dr John, Mable John, Quincy Jones, Janet Macoska, Lorne Michaels, Willie Nelson, David 'Fathead' Newman, Billy Preston, David Ritz, Ruth Robinson, Clifford Solomon, Allen Toussaint, Tom Waits, Joe Walker, Jerry Wexler, Stevie Wonder, Bill Wyman.

'We were comfortable with each other. The photos have a warmth about them. I resented photographers who got right in Ray's face to photograph him, and I would tell them to back off.' Joe Adams
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The Collector Copies

Ray Charles - Yes Indeed!

The Collector Edition comprises copies numbered 501-2,500 with every copy bound by hand with a foil-blocked leather spine, silver page edging, and a portrait of Ray inset on the cloth cover.

On the back cover are the embroidered initials 'RC'. This detailing is reproduced directly from the cuff of one of Ray Charles' monogrammed shirts. Each book is housed in a silver slipcase, debossed with an image of Ray Charles' microphones at RPM Studios.

A pocket on the inside back cover of each book holds an A5-sized folding booklet. Focusing on the hub of Ray Charles' business and music - the offices and recording studios of RPM, declared an Historic-Cultural Monument by the City of Los Angeles in 2004 - it features unseen photographs of Ray's office, recording studios and wardrobe, and includes a text by Tony Gumina, president of the Ray Charles Marketing Group, giving an unparalleled insight into the working life of Ray Charles.

Accompanying the book is a limited edition DVD - exclusive to Yes Indeed! - containing rare archive footage of Ray with Johnny Cash, Carol Burnett and Barbra Streisand. The historic performances are compiled in a special pressing that brings to life the images within the pages of the book.

All royalties from the sale of this limited edition book and DVD set will go to the Ray Charles Foundation, working to assist children with hearing disabilities.
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The Deluxe Copies

Ray Charles - Yes Indeed!

The Deluxe Edition comprises copies numbered 1-500 and come with your choice of signatory, either Bill Wyman, who has long-since shared an interest in both photography and the music of Ray Charles and written the book's forward; or, the photographer himse

Complete with a DVD, every Deluxe book is bound entirely in fine goatskin leather, with hand-tooling and silver page-edging, and housed within its own handcrafted box. The Deluxe edition of Yes Indeed! is a Genesis book of the highest calibre, as is only befitting of Ray Charles' musical legacy.

Each Deluxe set includes a special historical artifact - a vintage business card from Ray Charles' office desk at RPM Studios. The business card, originally owned by Ray, ensures a place in music history for every Deluxe boxed set. An accompanying letter explains the provenance of the card, suitable for matting and framing.

Furthermore, three unique portraits of Ray Charles strictly limited to these 500 copies, and not reproduced anywhere else in the book, are presented as numbered and stamped 8"x10" Lambda prints. These three fine art prints are:

1. Taping a Coca-Cola radio commercial.
2. Recording at RPM International Studios.
3. Filming for NBC television.

Ray Charles - Yes Indeed!

Official Limited Edition Book & DVD Set

Select from the following editions:

Ray Charles - Yes Indeed!

Ray Charles - Yes Indeed!

  • ISBN:
  • Collector:
    2000 copies
  • Signed by:
    Ray Charles's biographer, David Ritz
  • Contributors:
    Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Willie Nelson, Tom Waits, Billy Joel and many more...
  • Paper:
    Acid-free 200gsm matt art paper
  • Binding:
    Quarter bound in leather and cloth, individually embroidered with Ray Charles' initials, with pages edged in silver
  • Box:
    Presented in an embossed silver slipcase
  • Extras:
    DVD of rare and unseen footage of Ray Charles in performance, and a folding booklet reveals the world of Ray's office and recording studios at RCM
Collector Currently unavailable

Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Willie Nelson and many more join in this official tribute to a Genius.

  • Page size: 290mm x 245mm
  • 152 pages
  • 20000 words
  • 100 images
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