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24 Nights

Eric Clapton, Peter Blake

From February to March 1991, Eric Clapton played a record-breaking, 24-night run of concerts at London's Royal Albert Hall.

The monumental series of performances marked the end of Clapton’s famous Journeyman World Tour, that had itself been seen by almost 2.5 million fans around the globe. The historic event was documented in a unique collaboration between Eric Clapton, Peter Blake, Derek Taylor and Genesis Publications. Published later in 1991 as a two-volume book and CD boxed set, 24 Nights was the result – a stunning tribute to Clapton’s musical talent and the first of four Genesis editions produced with him to date.

Completing the 24 Nights limited edition after nearly 30 years, the last 100 copies are now available to order.

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The Drawings

24 Nights

'The original idea, from which all of this has sprung, was that I would sit for Peter Blake, he would draw me, and we would then have a great album cover and a work of art in one...' - Eric Clapton

Sir Peter Blake is a celebrated contemporary British artist often referred to as the 'Godfather' of the British Pop Art movement. He is perhaps best known for creating the album cover for The Beatles's Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967. Blake's highly collectible work is often inspired by his love affair with icons, found objects and ephemera of popular culture. A member of the Royal Academy of Art, and knighted in 2002 by the Queen, Blake's work is on display in major art collections around the world and has featured in three Genesis editions (Blinds & Shutters, 24 Nights, That Lucky Old Sun).

For the 24 Nights project, Blake wished to observe Clapton as he worked on music and performed; he wanted to investigate before committing himself to a single portrait. Blake joined the guitarist during rehearsals and then continued as he put on the incredible series of shows at the Royal Albert Hall, sketching Clapton onstage, sound checking, and during the day. These drawings are exclusively presented in the 24 Nights limited edition.

'I hung around drawing until everyone just forgot I was there.' - Peter Blake

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The Scrapbook

24 Nights

'24 Nights captures the essence of what is involved in putting on these shows at the "Albert", and it is something I will always treasure as a personal souvenir of momentous times.' - Eric Clapton

24 Nights captures the excitement and creativity of Clapton's record breaking 24-night run at London's Royal Albert Hall, an awe-inspiring musical achievement that marked the grand finale to the Journeyman World Tour, 1989-1991. The Scrapbook contains 128 pages of rare photographs, sketches and drawings, tour memorabilia and handwritten notes that are themselves a of piece musical history - as well as affording an insight into the partnership between Blake's art and Clapton's music that continues to this day.
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The Commentary

24 Nights

'I've known Eric for much of his famous life, and in the winter and spring of 1991, while Peter Blake was painting and drawing, I was making little notes here and there.' - Derek Taylor

Written during the first three months of 1991, the Commentary volume by Beatles publicist, Derek Taylor, is a behind-the-scenes account of Eric Clapton and his band in rehearsals and on stage. Set against the backdrop of the Gulf War, in his 64-page mini-biography Taylor documents the people in Clapton's life, offers musings on fame and sobriety, describes shopping with celebrities, the mechanics of rehearsal and recounts fascinating private conversations as the band are joined by friends such as Michael Kamen and George Harrison.

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The Limited Edition

24 Nights

24 Nights is a two-volume boxed set presented in a superbly designed solander box. Published in an edition of only 3,500 signed and numbered copies, these are the final 100 copies available.

All copies are personally autographed by Eric Clapton and Peter Blake.

The 128-page Scrapbook is quarter-bound in leather, featuring drawings by Peter Blake, rare photographs and 30 items of memorabilia hand-pasted within the book's pages (300mm x 210mm). The second 64-page Commentary volume by Derek Taylor offers a firsthand account of Clapton and his band in rehearsals and on stage (page size: 210mm x 148mm).

24 Nights also includes a two-CD set of live recordings from the Royal Albert Hall performances featuring additional tracks available only with this edition.

Additional facsimile memorabilia including Eric's guitar picks, a backstage laminate pass, button badge and guitar string complete the set.

24 Nights

24 Nights

24 Nights

  • ISBN:
  • Deluxe:
    3500 copies
  • Signed by:
    Eric Clapton, Peter Blake
  • Contributors:
    Peter Blake, Derek Taylor
  • Binding:
    1/4 bound in leather
  • Box:
    Solander case bound in buckram
  • Extras:
    A second 64-page Commentary volume by Derek Taylor. Double CD set of live recordings including three exclusive tracks; 'No Alibis', 'I Shot the Sheriff', and 'Layla' - Orchestral Introduction. A Peter Blake illustrated envelope containing four of Eric's guitar picks, backstage laminate pass, button badge & guitar string.
All orders are bound by hand and will be dispatched between 1st July and 30th December, 2020. 
Deluxe No longer available

Eric Clapton's limited edition book and CD box set commemorating his record-breaking series of performances at the Royal Albert Hall in 1991 – a unique collaboration between Eric Clapton, Peter Blake, Derek Taylor and Genesis Publications.

  • Published Jun 2020
  • Page size: 300mm x 210mm
  • 128 pages
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