Lou Reed and Mick Rock


  • ISBN: 9781905662234
  • Collector edition: 1650 copies
Collector, Deluxe

Collector Edition

Signed by: Mick Rock and authenticated with a Lou Reed estate stamp.

Paper: Matt art paper and tracing paper leaves

Binding: Lou and Mick's Transformer image is recreated by hand on the cover of this craft-bound book in black, white and gold foil detailing.

Box: The large format edition (290mm x 390mm / 11.5" x 15.5") is presented in a slipcase, with Mick's annotated contact strips inset.

Extras: Additionally, a limited edition 7" vinyl, a picture disc featuring the tracks 'Walk on the Wild Side' and 'Coney Island Baby' is enclosed. A new booklet presents previously unseen photographs and a 2000-word essay by Mick Rock.

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40 years ago, Transformer launched Lou Reed from the underground way up to Mars, with a little help from Starman Bowie. Mick Rock was there to capture Reed's flight on film, beginning with the iconic album cover and continuing through the wild side of the Seventies.

In 2013, Lou Reed, rock icon, artist and poet, collaborated with legendary photographer Mick Rock in one of the most visually exciting books Genesis ever produced. Now, for the first time since Lou passed, his limited edition is available again.

Mick Rock: 'I'm happy our relationship weathered the slings and arrows and outrageous antics of 40 years, enabling us to come together to produce such a beautiful tome.'

Lou Reed: 'When I saw the book, I was just overwhelmed. It brought back all that energy and all that virility. The book is like an energy bomb. And itís beautiful.'

TRANSFORMER by Lou Reed and Mick Rock

"I received TRANSFORMER this week, and a magnificent publication it is too. A really fitting document of two exceptionally talented people, and up to Genesis's superb production standards. I will treasure it for along time to come." - M. Whittingham, Subscriber, Singapore

  • Page size: 290mm x 390mm
  • 184 pages

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