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Yoko Ono and Janie Hendrix Launch New Music Channel, the Coda Collection

29 Jan 2021

Yoko Ono and Janie Hendrix have launched a new music channel which will reveal the unheard stories and history behind some of the most iconic moments in music. The Coda Collection, set to launch in February, will screen rare archive concert footage, films and documentaries, including Bob Dylan's Trouble No More, Jimi Hendrix In Maui, and The Rolling Stone on the Air.

Announcing the launch of the channel on Twitter, Ono expressed the great value of the content that will be shown:

'John Lennon was always on the cutting edge of music and culture. The Coda Collection will be a new way for fans to connect on a deeper level.' - Yoko Ono

Also backed by Sony Music Entertainment, the channel promises a new way to experience music, and will cover a wide range of genres.

In a statement, Janie Hendrix explained the importance of a channel like the Coda Collection:

'The way the world appreciates music is evolving and changing. The Coda Collection is how we grow with that change. It transcends basic music streaming and takes fans on a real journey into the heart of the songs they love and the artists, like Jimi Hendrix, who created those songs.' - Janie Hendrix

The Coda Channel will be available to stream via and Amazon Prime Video channels from February.
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