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Tom Morello Announced as Executive Music Producer of New Film, Metal Lords

02 Mar 2021

Tom Morello has teamed up with the creators of Game of Thrones for a new Netflix film, Metal Lords. The comedy film is described as the story of 'two kids [who] want to start a heavy metal band in a high school where exactly two kids care about heavy metal.' Morello fans will see the parallels with his own early experiences of being in a band. In his new photographic memoir, Whatever It Takes, Morello describes his experience performing with his high school friend Adam Jones in their band, the Electric Sheep, before getting into heavy metal at Harvard University.

'At Harvard, I formed a band called Joey Thunder and the Electrical Storm. We were Ivy League dudes in full spandex regalia. There was a club in Boston called Celebration that had a Metal Night every Wednesday. We'd go down there because it was the only place you could see heavy metal videos and bands.' - Tom Morello

Previously appearing in Star Trek: Insurrection and Iron Man, Morello has experience working in film. As executive music producer for Metal Lords, Morello will be ensuring that the film is set to the best guitar riffs around. Metal Lords is set to be released on Netflix later this year.
Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

Tom Morello


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