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Tom Morello and Slash Bring Guitar Hero Battles to Life

21 Dec 2020

Fans of the video game Guitar Hero will be familiar with guitar battles that have taken place between two of the greatest guitarists of our time: Tom Morello and Slash. In Guitar Hero III, players face Tom Morello and Slash as 'boss guitarists' - the final guitarists to try and beat. With the release of 'Interstate 80', a track from Tom Morello's latest EP featuring Slash, the pair have brought the digital battle to life, each performing incredible solos in the song. The video for 'Interstate 80' also features their Guitar Hero avatars alongside their real selves, making for an interesting contrast.

In Tom Morello's new photographic memoir, Whatever It Takes, Morello reflects on the effect the game has had on his target audience.

"I did not expect that becoming an avatar in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock would impact my life the way that it did. My fan demographic began including five-year-olds and regularly jackasses would approach me on the street and proudly proclaim, 'I kicked your ass at Guitar Hero, man!'" - Tom Morello

Whatever It Takes is available now online and in all good bookstores.
Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

Tom Morello


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