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Today in 1983: The Style Council Hits The Scene

07 May 2024

On this day in 1983, Paul Weller embarked on a new musical journey by unveiling The Style Council at an anti-nuclear benefit gig in London.
Departing from the energetic punk-infused sounds of The Jam, Weller and his collaborators, including Mick Talbot, crafted a sophisticated blend of soul, jazz, and pop. The Style Council's debut single, 'Speak Like a Child,' introduced audiences to their eclectic sound, characterised by lush arrangements, socially conscious lyrics, and Weller's soulful vocals.
Throughout the 1980s, The Style Council released a string of critically acclaimed albums, including Café Bleu and Our Favourite Shop, which showcased their versatility and experimental spirit. Weller's commitment to artistic evolution was evident in the band's eclectic influences, from Motown and Northern soul to bossa nova and French chanson.
Beyond their music they embraced a bold sense of style, epitomising the sleek sophistication of 1980s fashion. Weller's sharp suits and Talbot's dapper attire became synonymous with the band's aesthetic, reflecting their commitment to both musical and sartorial innovation.
'I thought that with the direction I wanted to go in, The Jam couldn't go there. Not because of any issues with musicianship, I just wanted to try something different. A softer, gentler type of music at times, I guess. So my songwriting had to change because of that.' - Paul Weller
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