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This Day in 1966: The Beatles in Tokyo

01 Jul 2016

This Day in 1966: The Beatles in Tokyo

Today, 50 years ago in 1966, The Beatles performed their first ever concert in Japan, at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo. Their visit was controversial, with many objecting to a rock concert at such a traditional venue.

The Beatles arrived late, delayed by a storm that many dubbed The Beatles Typhoon. Despite the weather and the controversy, the bandís show packed out the 14, 000-seat arena. Their success proved a milestone for pop acts in Japan when they were followed to the Budokan by Bob Dylan, Led Zepplin and others. Today the Nippon Budokan hosts musicians from all around the world.

To celebrate this exciting anniversary, Genesis Publications are publishing a new, limited edition book of photographs taken throughout the band's stay in Japan, entitled HELLO GOODBYE: The Beatles in Tokyo, 1966.

To find out more about HELLO GOODBYE: The Beatles in Tokyo, 1966, click here.

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