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Coming Soon: Peter Green Guitar Auction

09 Jun 2023

After being teased for a number of months, Bonham's have now revealed the start of the immense Peter Green Collection of guitars, amps, pedals and handwritten notes, due to take place between 16th -28th June.
Only a handful of guitars have been revealed so far, including his Gretsh White Falcon 6137, 1999 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster in a sea foam green finish, also Green's 1995 Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion III, referred to as his 'comeback guitar' during his Splinter Group era. Arguably the most impressive item up for auction will be the rare set of lyrics from Fleetwood Mac's Man of the World, handwritten by Green - currently estimated to sell for between £40,000 and £60,000.
'Peter Green was one of the greatest guitarists. Even when out of the limelight, the tributes paid to his playing throughout his lifetime continued to highlight his reputation and the esteem his fellow artists held him in.' - Katherine Schofield, Bonham.
We recently had the honour of working with Peter Green on our limited edition Love That Burns, presenting an original manuscript by Mick Fleetwood recounting his childhood, early bands, Fleetwood Mac's debut performance, first international tours, live gig antics, playing with blues legends at Chess Studios, the genius of Peter Green and the many talented members that formed Fleetwood Mac in the years before 1975.
'The line 'Please don't leave me with a love that burns' applies to a lot in the Fleetwood Mac journey. When Peter Green left the band, that's how I felt - that the love would be irreplaceable, and in many ways it was.' - Mick Fleetwood
You can secure your signed limited edition copy of Love That Burns at
Love That Burns A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac, Volume One: 19671974

Love That Burns

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