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Springsteen Namechecks Tom Morello

24 Sep 2020

© Left photo: Jo Lopez, © Right photo: Michael Zorn

Bruce Springsteen speaks about Tom Morello's time in the E Street band and specifically credits his influence on the album High Hopes, in this month's edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.

'His influence is very noticeable on maybe half the [tracks]...I'm not sure if the record would exactly exist without his influence. He really allowed me to tie it all together, in a way that I've been looking for that I hadn't found. He just really brought that stuff to life.'

Tom Morello speaks about his time touring and recording for Bruce Springsteen in his photographic memoir Whatever It Takes. Available for pre-order now.

View Tom's 45minute video interview about his new book with Rolling Stone's Brian Hiatt here:


Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

Tom Morello


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