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Ronnie Wood: Set Pieces - 44 Remaining!

26 Jan 2023

As we all wait in anticipation to hear if the Rolling Stones are playing live this year, why not immerse yourself in a book that takes you behind the scenes of one of the most famous rock groups in the world.
The Rolling Stones Set Lists bring together over two decades of the songs that they have played in rehearsals, live shows and studio sessions in a series of hand-painted set lists by Ronnie Wood.
'In the early days, we'd play the song, and I'd run over to write it down on the set list, and Mick would always go, "Ronnie, come back, we've started the song, you can do that later!"' - Ronnie Wood

The colourful hand-lettered set lists are visually eye-catching and filled with fascinating details. Wood's calligraphy is interspersed with his notes, illustrations, and doodles by fellow band members, that all add up to paint a picture of life on the road with the Rolling Stones.
Extended captions analyse each set list, examining the significance of certain songs and their place within the Stones' history. Ronnie's own reflections bring the story of the set lists to life. He discusses the band's creative process, personal highlights, collaborations with fellow musicians such as Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, and the band's various reunions with former Rolling Stones Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor.

With only 44 copies of The Rolling Stone Set Pieces remaining, now is the time to claim your copy and go on tour around the world with the Stones from the comfort of your own home.
Should you miss out on one of the final copies of Set Pieces, please note that copies of Ready Set Go! are still available.
The Rolling Stones Set Lists

The Rolling Stones Set Lists

Ronnie Wood


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