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Ringo Starr Unveils 800-Pound 'Peace and Love' Sculpture

08 Nov 2019

Last weekend Ringo Starr unveiled his 800-pound 'Peace and Love' sculpture in Beverly Hills.

Donated by Ringo to the city, the shiny steel sculpture is of his hand making the peace sign. While initially declined by the city in 2017, it has now found a permanent home in Beverly Gardens Park opposite City Hall.

The 8-foot-tall monument was made to honour the city that Ringo has decided to call home.

Sir Ringo Starr and Lady Starkey unveiled the statue on Saturday with the hope that Ringo's message of 'peace and love' will carry on for years to come.

Ringo's peace sign sculptures feature in his latest limited edition, Another Day In The Life. The third in Ringo's series of books with Genesis Publications, this title shows us the world through a Starr's eyes in a collection of previously unpublished photographs captioned with Ringo's thoughts and reminiscences.

Another Day In The Life

Another Day In The Life

Ringo Starr


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