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Paul McCartney's Latest Solo Album Released

18 Dec 2020

Paul McCartney's highly anticipated new album, McCartney III, has been released today. McCartney used his time in lockdown to record and produce the album and experiment with new sounds. A couple of the songs were inspired by the pandemic, including 'Seize the Day'.

'[It] was just reminding myself and anyone listening that we better grab the good stuff and you know, try and get on through the pandemic. But it certainly helped me.' - Paul McCartney

The 'Find My Way' music video is also out now, giving viewers an insight into the creative process. The video shows McCartney playing all of the instruments for the track, as he did for the entire album.

In what has been a productive year for McCartney, the Beatles legend also recently announced a documentary series with producer Rick Ruben. In a trailer for the series it was revealed that the documentary will take a look back at iconic Beatles performances and the stories behind them, in conversation with Rick Ruben.

McCartney III is available to buy here.
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