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Olivia Harrison Appears In Conversation With Stella McCartney

31 Mar 2023

Yesterday, Olivia Harrison appeared In Conversation at Stella McCartney's Old Bond Street Store, with Stella McCartney, reading from her book, Came the Lightening - Twenty Poems for George
Interspersed with poetry readings, Olivia and Stella's fascinating conversation covered topics such as Olivia's courage sharing such intimate and revealing details in her poetry. 
She also spoke candidly about her experience of losing George and how Olivia felt following his passing, 'I feel like I lost an oar on the boat trying to get somewhere - because he really was inspiring.' 
Olivia opened up about her motivation for writing the book, 'I suddenly realized it was twenty years since he's been gone. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to give something from me to him... we have re-issued his records, made documentaries, had concerts but I wanted something that took it right back to the core of who he was.' 
She went on to explain that George was the driving force in their relationship, that he was disciplined, and supportive and their son Dhani has inherited that trait, 'He would make effort, meditate every morning he would chant, he had a practice and a discipline. I somehow don't have that.' 
Touching briefly on fashion, Stella commented that she finds the Beatle's wide variety of different dress styles fascinating and inspiring and that she has visited Friar Park and looked though George's old clothes for inspiration, 'I've been Friar Park and I've been to see George's old clothes, looked at every detail and looked at every lining in every pair of pants. I can't get my ankle in. Those kids never ate.' Olivia revealed that some of the more psychedelic clothes were worn by Dhani to school for Halloween as the Joker.  
Stella was clearly touched by the poetry and throughout spoke about how inspiring and supportive she finds Olivia, ending with fulsome praise, 'You have written an incredible piece of work, Olivia, really. You are a fascinating woman; I think to see you and to see your work and to see your talent and creativity is an honour and a privilege. Thank you so much for writing this. I appreciate you so much, and I think you are amazing.' 
After the event, Olivia stopped to sign some special branded Stella McCartney bookplates for attendees, some of which are still available from the Stella McCartney Old Bond Street store with a purchase of the Limited Edition Collector copy of the book.  
Bookstore and signed limited edition copies of the book are still available from
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