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Woodstock Experience - The Reviews

06 Aug 2009

Woodstock Experience - The Reviews

With copies of WOODSTOCK EXPERIENCE starting to arrive from our binders in Milan and the anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock festival just nine days away, we thought we'd bring you a round-up of the reviews this incredible boxed set has already received.

"The Woodstock Publication is absolutely spectacular! Thank you to everyone who made this possible. You have somehow found a way to trump any other Genesis Publication I own, which is a simply extraordinary achievement!" M. Rocha, Subscriber, Canada

"An awe-inspiring limited-edition box set from Genesis Publications." Rolling Stone

"A limited-edition book (1,000 copies) with unpublished lyrics, rare backstage photos, a hand-drawn festival map and more goodies from Lang's archive." New York Post

"A lavish new book which includes an original ticket from the festival" Financial Times

"Don't miss the launch of the book that reviewers are calling 'One of the most important publishing events of 2009, the definitive records of three days that shook the world.'"

"Lang has joined with Genesis Publications to produce Woodstock Experience, featuring unpublished lyrics, materials from his archives and an unused festival ticket." USA Today

"40 years on, you can pretend you were one of the 500,000 present, thanks to the inclusion of an authentic vintage ticket in a hefty new book called Woodstock Experience." The Independent

"Eye-boggling photos courtesy of Genesis Publications' latest coffee-table-smasher." MOJO

"Hippie or not, this limited edition boxed set is not only a great collectors item but a window to a time when a 3-day event could forever change the music, minds, and imaginations of a generation." LimitedHype

"It not only recounts the story from original interviews with the musicians who played and the people who organized and attended, but also explores Woodstock from cultural, social, political and environmental standpoints." Harmony Central

"Woodstock Experience provides a visual trip through these legendary days in a field in upstate New York." Yahoo News

"The celebration of what, surprisingly, is only the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. A multi-media package with art from Peter Max and words from Paul Krassner." Vanity Fair

"It's a revelation even for those who think they know the subject inside and out." The Signal

"We're all familiar with the iconic images from Woodstock: the performances, the mud, the traffic, the crowds. What else could possibly be left to see? With the discovery of an archive of photographs taken by a high school junior named Dan Garson, plenty." USA Today

"Garson captured more than 300 photographs, only four of which were ever published. The rest were forgotten in his parents' basement."

"It's a truly superb collection, as one would expect from Genesis. The photographs and recollections of those who were there really do transport you back to those heady times. Tie dye on the highway… Many Thanks." K. Lambert, Subscriber, UK.

"In a stellar mix of original interviews and images of over 65 artists and luminaries, performers such as Crosby, Stills and Nash, Carlos Santana and Ravi Shankar and the festival's organiser Michael Lang, Woodstock Experience documents the personal experiences of some of the most important artists, thinkers, writers, designers and photographers from around the world."

"Michael Lang, just 24 at the time, shares his memories of that wild weekend." The Sun

"Fantastic." S. Leadbeater, Genesis Subscriber, UK.

"A multimedia package producer Lang has compiled that includes, believe it or not, an original unused ticket to the festival. It can be ordered online at, but it'd behoove you to hustle if you're interested." Mercury News

"The historic contents will be of fascination for years to come and first class craftsmanship ensures longevity."

"The Woodstock Book to End Them All .." The Buffalo News

To read more about this very special boxed set, click here.

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