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The Spoken Word

07 Aug 2009

The Spoken Word
The most engaging form of history comes from firsthand recollections, from those that were there, those that took part in something monumental - whether they knew it or not at the time. It must then be a shame to lose that firsthand knowledge, which is the case in England as the last surviving British veteran of the First World War, Harry Patch, passes away at the age of 111. His recollections of what he saw and felt would have acted like a window into the past.

When producing the book EASY COMPANY, we spoke to people just like Harry – the men of E Company, the ‘Band of Brothers’, whose stories and photographs are invaluable in helping us understand our history. Such historical documents will then live on and the memories of those who were there will not be lost.

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Easy Company 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

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