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Storm Launch At Liberty In London

11 May 2009

Storm Launch At Liberty In London

We would like to thank all those who attended the launch of Storm Thorgerson’s 40th anniversary box set, ‘Taken By Storm’. Featuring a signed first edition copy of his book of the same name, each set comprises 4 signed and numbered fine art prints and a drawer full of other curiosities. Click here to read more about this limited set.

The location at Liberty’s was suitably grand, with Storm’s artwork adorning every wall and samples of the boxed set interspersed between his original props – including the double silvered balls used for ‘Interstellar’ an exhibition of Pink Floyd, in Paris, 2003.

Storm Thorgerson describes this work in his book: ‘The area between the spheres is reminiscent of Ummagumma though much more difficult to define, easier to see the depths of reflection, showing the trees, clouds, river, grass, and my good self and crazy Rupert if you look hard. I find this piece very tranquil and calm… the calm before the storm, would that be?

In attendance on the night were many Genesis subscribers, friends and fans; including Geoff MacCormack who came to show his support along with award-winning jazz photographer David Redfern and music journalist Dave Brolan.

Image: Storm personalises special plates for subscribers that couldn't make the event.

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