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Remembering Janis Joplin

04 Oct 2022

Today we remember one of the greatest artists of our time, Janis Joplin. Joplin was the first-ever female rockstar and dazzled listeners with her powerful voice and uninhabited style. She died aged 27 on October 4, 1970, and remains one of the most influential icons from the Sixties and considered one of the best female blues singers ever. Few musicians have attained the same iconic status as Joplin.

'Her voice was so powerful it would cut through a rock... Right away we knew she was the one. We said to her, 'We're working next weekend, hope you're ready.' - Peter Albin, Big Brother and the Holding Company 
At Genesis, we were lucky to attain access and reveal Janis Joplin's scrapbook for the first time, which was compiled between 1966 to 1968 as her star began to rise. This, alongside letters, unpublished items from her personal archives and words from Janis' bandmates, friends and admirers, materialised into the edition Janis Joplin: Days & Summers. We join Genesis subscribers in looking back with great respect and admiration for the artist. 
'An amazingly talented human tornado who just whirled her way into our consciousness. We try to describe her but, like being in love, it's difficult telling someone else how stunning the impact is. You know when you feel it, and Janis was probably the best at translating those all-consuming emotions.' - Grace Slick
Janis Joplin: Days & Summers Scrapbook 1966-68

Janis Joplin: Days & Summers

Janis Joplin


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