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Concert for George: 20 Year Anniversary

29 Nov 2022

On Nov 29th, 2002, the Concert for George took place at London's Royal Albert Hall, one year to the day after George's passing. Today, on the twentieth anniversary, George's life is being celebrated with the movie of the concert being shown in cinemas around the world. The one-night global theatrical screening will include a new filmed introduction from Olivia and Dhani Harrison and present a new Dolby Atmos spatial sound mix of the concert.
Those who attended the concert will remember being a part of a truly momentous evening. In the first half of the show, Anoushka Shankar and a 16-piece orchestra of Indian musicians performed a special composition by her father and George's mentor, Ravi Shankar. The piece was entitled 'Arpan', meaning 'offering'. The second half began by giving the audience a rare sighting of members of the Monty Python team performing some of George's favorite skits. The night then moved on to George's songs, performed brilliantly by his closest friends and loved ones - including Eric Clapton, Joe Brown, Dhani Harrison, Jools Holland, Jeff Lynne, Paul McCartney, Monty Python, Tom Petty, Billy Preston, Ravi & Anoushka Shankar, and Ringo Starr. Joe Brown closed the evening with an old standard loved by George, 'I'll See You In My Dreams'.

'The concert was many things: a demonstration of love; a ceremony of friendship; a sharing of laughter and brilliant performances; an acknowledgment of the passing of time; a fanfare for the composer and the affirmation of the simple truth that people might seem quietly to subside, slip away and be physically absent, but that is an illusion - no-one dies.' - Paul Theroux
At Genesis, we are forever grateful to have played a small part in the proceedings. Genesis's late founder, Brian Roylance, contributed to the organisation of the concert and was an Executive Producer of the movie, and Genesis's director, Nick Roylance, participated in the photography and filming.
The Genesis limited edition book, Concert for George, followed in 2003. A beautiful book of photographs and recollections of George by those who knew him best, it is long since fully subscribed. However, Genesis is honoured to have continued creating editions of George's work in recent years, and on this important anniversary, it seems timely to focus on three of these books. We are also extending a special reader offer that we hope expresses our gratitude to Genesis subscribers for making these publications possible.
'We tried not to be sad, but instead celebrated the life and music of a great artiste, the beautiful 'quiet' one from Liverpool who became a man of many words as well as worlds, a wise and coveted friend, father and true seeker who transcended the distractions of success and fame to maintain a one-pointed focus upon his goal of spiritual awakening. He did all of this and much more and still managed to have more fun than the rest of us.' - Olivia Harrison
George's life is celebrated through a number of Genesis Publications. His awesome back catalogue of lyrics, intimate photographs and commentary in I Me Mine (The Extended Edition - Publisher's Copies) which is as close to an autobiography as possible. George's spiritual side is demonstrated as guest editor and contributor to Raga Mala, The Autobiography of Ravi Shankar, his great mentor and friend. And in The Traveling Wilburys, his time in the ultimate supergroup with his friends, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan is joyfully recounted.
Today, we present our Genesis subscribers a special offer on these books that celebrate George's life. With a purchase of any of these books, subscribers will receive an exclusive voucher code towards a future Genesis edition.
I Me Mine for a £30 voucher for your next purchase
Raga Mala for a £60 voucher for your next purchase
The Traveling Wilburys for a £65 voucher for your next purchase

I Me Mine (Publisher's Copies) The Extended Edition

I Me Mine (Publisher's Copies)

George Harrison


Raga Mala The Autobiography of Ravi Shankar

Raga Mala

Ravi Shankar


The Traveling Wilburys The Official Signed Limited Edition Book

The Traveling Wilburys


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