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Chrissie Hynde Reveals New Album Title

25 Oct 2022

Chrissie Hynde has revealed the title of her upcoming album via her social media over the weekend. On top of this, she also announced she is mapping out tour dates across the UK and Europe, following a run of tour dates across small UK venues. 
'We've spent most of our touring life in the States.... never even been to Poland! It's been years since we've been to France and Spain and Germany and Italy and Scandinavia, Holland. Belgium. I ❤️ Belgium. One of the reasons we got in a band was to see the world. Stick to the plan!' Hynde wrote. 
'And we have a new album coming out, Relentless. For some reason which I don't quite understand, it takes ages to get an album out these days, ie: waiting for vinyl factories. I'm not even sure if we have a record deal. I'll have to ask my management if I remember. But no point waiting around for a new record before we hit the road.' 

In 2018, Chrissie Hynde published her first body of artwork in her signed edition, Adding the Blue. Nearly 200 paintings in all were shared for the very first time in her signed limited edition book and print set. Working exclusively in oil on canvas, her art encompasses a wide variety of subjects, including figures, portraits of friends and family, self-portraits and landscapes. Adding The Blue is a vibrant book of oil paintings that are, in Brian Eno's words, 'full of life, love and discovery'. 
Narrated throughout with Chrissie Hynde's thoughts, anecdotes and reflections, over more than 200 pages Adding The Blue offers a brand new perspective on her life and art. To read more about the limited edition, click here.
Adding The Blue

Adding The Blue

Chrissie Hynde


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