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Mike McCartney Revisits His Old School to Discuss His New Book

25 Oct 2021

In an interview with the BBC, Mike McCartney has revisited his old school, the Liverpool Institute High School for Boys, to discuss the motivation behind putting together a book of his early photographs of Liverpool. Explaining that the original idea to publish a book of his early Beatles photos was suggested over 20 years ago, the book has now grown to become the wider story of Liverpool during a time in which the city was experiencing a cultural sensation. 
'It was a magic, vibrant, wonderful time.' - Mike McCartney  
Stood on the roof of the Liverpool Institute for the interview, Mike describes a photo he took in the same location in which he poses as Elvis. The photograph, which features in Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool, is contrasted with the same pose in the same spot 40 years later making for an interesting contrast within the book.  
Mike's photographs reveal the talent that came out of Liverpool, including some of the earliest photos of the Beatles, as well as capturing his own group, The Scaffold, who blended satire, poetry and song.  
Watch the full BBC interview here.
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Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool

Mike McCartney's Early Liverpool

Mike McCartney


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