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George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass' Receives a 50th Anniversary Reissue

11 Jun 2021

George Harrison's momentous album, All Things Must Pass, has received a reissue that's set to come out on August 6, 2021. It marks fifty years since the album's original release, when it was received to critical acclaim.

Using the original tapes and recordings, Dhani Harrison and Paul Hicks-an award-winning engineer behind sonically upgraded classics by John Lennon and the Rolling Stones-remixed and remastered the songs from scratch to create All Things Must Pass: 50th Anniversary Edition, Harrison's biggest reissue to date.

The original album sessions for All Things Must Pass began in the wake of The Beatles' break-up announcement and commenced with a two-day period of recording demos at EMI Studios, now known as Abbey Road Studios. During those two days, 30 demos were recorded and all of them are featured within the reissue, many of which have never been officially released.

All Things Must Pass was received to glowing reviews, with many hailing it the best solo-Beatle album to date. It spawned classic songs in the Harrison canon, such as "My Sweet Lord," "What Is Life," and the title track, "All Things Must Pass." The record was the first triple solo album in history and featured a myriad of contributions from rock legends including Eric Clapton, Billy Preston and Bob Dylan.

In Harrison's book, I Me Mine, he described working with Dylan on "I'd Have You Anytime," the opening track on the album. "I was hanging out at his house, with him, Sara and his kids. He seemed very nervous and I felt a little uncomfortable - it seemed strange, especially as he was in his own home.

"Anyway, on about the third day we got the guitars out and then things loosened up and I was saying to him, 'write me some words,' and thinking all of this: Johnnie's in the basement, mixing up the medicine, type of thing and he was saying 'show me some chords, how do you get those tunes?'" Harrison continued, "The first thing I thought was: Let me in here / I know I've been here / Let me into your heart. I was saying to Bob, 'Come on, write some words.' He wrote the bridge: All I have is yours / All you see is mine / And I'm glad to hold you in my arms / I'd have you anytime. Beautiful! - and that was that."

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