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Celebrating Ravi Shankar's Centenary, the Final Copies of his Autobiography are Released

07 Apr 2020

Today marks 100 years since the birth of the inspirational Indian classical musician, Ravi Shankar. Often known as 'Pandit' (Master) Ravi Shankar, he is widely regarded as the greatest sitar player of the 20th century. Shankar's career spanned decades, continents, art forms and musical genres, all of which is recalled in his critically acclaimed autobiography, Raga Mala.

'Ravi Shankar is one of the most inspiring composer/performers of the 20th century - a fact reinforced by his breathtaking autobiography, Raga Mala.' - Billboard

One of the most well-known collaborations that Shankar had was with George Harrison, who christened him the 'Godfather of World Music'. After meeting Shankar in 1966, Harrison visited him in India where he studied the sitar for six weeks. Harrison's experience with Shankar led him to incorporate the sitar in many of the songs that he wrote following the trip. It was a friendship and collaboration that led to numerous performances together, including The Concert for Bangladesh. In 1997, Genesis was proud to publish Raga Mala with Shankar and his friend and pupil, George Harrison, as a contributor and guest editor. Now, 23 years' later, we are delighted to release the final 450 copies of his fascinating autobiography.

'There isn't anyone I've ever heard of, in the West at least, who has got such brilliant musicianship' - George Harrison from his foreword

Each copy of Raga Mala is signed by Ravi Shankar. Originally published as a limited edition of 2000, only 450 copies remain. Bound in Bangalore raw silk specially created for this book, with gilt hand-tooling and gilded page edging, the edition is available in three colour choices: gold and blue and purple. Commemorating the centenary of Ravi Shankar's birth, Raga Mala now also includes an archival photographic print of a portrait taken at Shankar's home in California by the book's late publisher, Brian Roylance. The monochrome print is numbered and stamped, and is suitable for framing (size: 5" x 7" / 12½ x 17¾cm).

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Raga Mala The Autobiography of Ravi Shankar

Raga Mala

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