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Forever Fab

18 Jul 2014

has now sold out. Created by Astrid Kirchherr, who has collaborated on several Genesis limited editions, WHEN WE WAS FAB has a very special place in our library. Astrid’s books GOLDEN DREAMS and HAMBURG DAYS are still available and can be ordered here.

Astrid first met The Beatles in Hamburg in 1960, when they were still developing their sound and style. Her early photos became some of the most iconic images of the band and were shared across the world.

‘In 1965 I was in awe of the girl who photographed The Beatles. When they posed for her, somehow more than the moment was revealed. The promise of their future was there, each frame holding a bit of their past, present and, magically, some of what they would become.’ – Olivia Harrison in her foreword to WHEN WE WAS FAB

43 years after taking them, Astrid was able to print and showcase her photographs exactly as she wanted. WHEN WE WAS FAB is Astrids swan song, featuring the most memorable moments across her career as well as the photos that made her famous.

‘I decided it was time to do one book that contains the pictures I like most, printed the way I would print them, even down to the text and design. This book is me and that is why it will be the last one.' Astrid Kirchherr

These photographs were presented to what was at the time groundbreaking standards of printing and binding. Astrid dedicated WHEN WE WAS FAB to George Harrison (pictured left) and Olivia wrote the foreword. The book was extremely well received across the world, with launches in Hamburg, Berlin, London and Liverpool in Summer 2003.

'You have outdone yourselves this time, producing a visually stunning book with such dramatic and beautiful photos. You have raised your standard of excellence to a very high level.' – Betty & Dave Heenan, subscribers

To find out more about Astrid’s books, click here.

Golden Dreams The Beatles 'A Hard Day's Night'

Golden Dreams

Astrid Kirchherr, Max Scheler


Hamburg Days

Hamburg Days

Astrid Kirchherr, Klaus Voormann


When We Was Fab The limited edition book of photography from Astrid Kirchherr

When We Was Fab

Astrid Kirchherr


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