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Visconti Talks About The Next Day

16 Jan 2013

Visconti Talks About The Next Day

Tony Visconti, David Bowie's long-term producer, has spoken to Rolling Stone about his upcoming album, The Next Day. Visconti has worked with Bowie since Space Oddityin 1969, and it was to him that Bowie turned when he decided to start recording again. The two remained in contact as friends during Bowie's ten-year break from recording and, Visconti recounts, Bowie dropped his wish to return casually into conversation.

'My dear old friend was looking really good. But music didn't interest him until two years ago; that's when he made the call. He said, "How would you like to make some demos?" And I was a little shocked, quite honestly; it was just so casual.' - Tony Visconti, Rolling Stone

The Next Day
was recorded over an 18 month period, with studio sessions interspersed with long breaks for Bowie to continue writing. Visconti reveals that the first single, 'Where Are We Now?' is not a representation of the entirety of The Next Day, with more 'funky' and 'uptempo' tracks joining the reflective ballad.

'Some of them belong to his life, but some of them are things like social commentary. He came up with one medieval English history song. That's the title track, 'The Next Day.' If you read the lyrics, it's quite a horrific story. 'The Next Day' rocks out. Same with 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' - that rocks out, too.' - Tony Visconti, Rolling Stone

The Next Day is available to pre-order here, before its release in March. Pictured above: 'Let's Dance', from Bowie's CHANGES collection, is available to buy here.

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