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Thank You Storm

19 Apr 2013

Thank You Storm

We're sorry to learn and let you know that Storm Thorgerson has died aged 69. Beginning with UK design group, Hipgnosis, Storm created some of the most iconic album artwork of modern music, including covers for Led Zeppelin, Muse and Pink Floyd. He recently designed a series of alternative prism designs for the 40th anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon, available to view on Pink Floyd's website.

'We first met in our early teens. We would gather at Sheep's Green, a spot by the river in Cambridge, and Storm would always be there holding forth, making the most noise, bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. Nothing has ever really changed. He has been a constant force in my life, both at work and in private, a shoulder to cry on and a great friend. I will miss him.' - Dave Gilmour

Storm is known for creating surrealist live 'events' painstakingly recorded on camera, with little to no digital manipulation or retouching. His commitment to this method resulted in him arranging 700 hospital beds on a beach, floating an inflatable pig over Battersea power station and lighting a stuntman on fire, amongst others.

'For the Wish You Were Here cover, we stumbled upon the notion of traces ie: things that indicate presence but are in themselves insubstantial or not very present. These ideas became intermingled with empty gestures, maybe a handshake where people grip your hand warmly but don't mean too much. From there to absent emotions and thence to people who were absent for fear of being hurt, or burnt, and from that to a person on fire.'- Storm Thorgerson, TAKEN BY STORM

We were fortunate to work with Storm on his anthology, TAKEN BY STORM, which looks at his art over 40 years. You can see him looking through his limited edition by clicking here. He also helped us create Nick Mason's book, INSIDE OUT and redesigned the Genesis logo for our 35th anniversary in 2009. We thank him for his lasting contribution to our company and to the art world.

Inside Out A Personal History of Pink Floyd

Inside Out

Nick Mason


Taken By Storm The Album Art of Storm Thorgerson

Taken By Storm

Storm Thorgerson


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