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Real Moments with Bob Dylan

22 Apr 2013

Real Moments with Bob Dylan

Barry Feinstein's highly acclaimed collection of Bob Dylan photographs is being displayed at Carnaby Street's Mach Schau gallery, in an exhibit running from now through May 2013.

Previously exhibited during an extended run at the National Portrait Gallery, the collection features silver gelatin prints from the limited edition Genesis Publications book, REAL MOMENTS. The late Barry Feinstein's photography captures both legendary and intimate moments in Dylan's life - from the moment he went electric to shoe shopping in Carnaby Street.

'I was in a unique position, given complete access and trust. I liked Dylan's work, he liked mine. He knew I would make him look interesting - and he was. I knew I was in the presence of genius.'- Barry Feinstein in REAL MOMENTS

Leather-bound copies of REAL MOMENTS, each one of which includes a signed 8" by 10" print, will be available to view and buy at Mach Schau gallery (pictured left). You can find out more about the book and purchase a copy online by clicking here.

Thin Wild Mercury Touching Dylan's Edge

Thin Wild Mercury

Jerry Schatzberg


Dylan in Woodstock A Signed Limited Edition Book

Dylan in Woodstock

Elliott Landy


Real Moments Bob Dylan by Barry Feinstein

Real Moments

Barry Feinstein


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