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A Sentimental Journey To Vegas

27 Nov 2013

This weekend Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band closed their recent tour with two nights at the Palms Casino Resort.
In between shows, Ringo found time to officially launch his new PHOTOGRAPH book and upcoming artist print
series, the PHOTOGRAPH Portfolio.

Genesis joined Ringo to host a walk-through exhibit, attended by hundreds of visitors. Among the most famous
were the so-called 'Fair Lawn Five': five kids from New Jersey who, in February 1964, skipped school to see The Beatles.
Cutting class earned some of them suspensions, but a chance encounter with the band resulted in Ringo taking their photograph.

'I mean, I just put it in the book because it's a great shot, and then suddenly in America, everyone was trying to find
them!' Ringo Starr

That image, now reproduced as a double page spread in PHOTOGRAPH, sparked a nationwide search for six
teens captured in Ringo's picture. Sadly, Matt Blender has passed away, but his five remaining friends - Bob Toth,
Gary Van Deursen, Suzanne Rayot, Arlene Norbe Ressler and Charlie Schwartz - were found. This weekend,
Ringo Starr was reunited with them for the first time at his book and print launch.

'It was the highlight of our lives really.' - Gary Van Deursen

To see more of  Ringo's new book and fine art print series, explore the links below. To watch video footage
from this sentimental weekend in Las Vegas, as featured in NBC's Today Show, click here.

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The Photograph Portfolio 2013

The Photograph Portfolio 2013

Ringo Starr

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