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50 Years of Watts

14 Jan 2013

50 Years of Watts

50 years ago, in January 1963, Charlie Watts made his live debut with The Rolling Stones at The Flamingo Jazz Club, Soho, London. Watts recently joined his current and former Stones bandmates at a sold-out series of concerts to celebrate their anniversary.

'When I joined the Rolling Stones, I thought it would last a few months, because that's what bands last. I'd been in a lot of bands up until then that last two or three months. Then it became three years... We're very fortunate. One of the ways that it lasted so long because we have a huge fan base, and I don't mean that in a conceited way.' - Charlie Watts

Left: Charlie Watts pictured in Ronnie Wood's LIVE STUDIES. This collection was created from original pen and ink drawings and washed with watercolours before being numbered and signed by Ronnie Wood. Click here to view the whole collection.

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