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D-Day Remembered

06 Jun 2012

D-Day Remembered

Today, on the anniversary of D-Day, a memorial statue is being dedicated to Major Richard D Winters and his fellow soldiers in Normandy, France. In the early hours of D-Day, June 6th 1944, Major Winters parachuted into Normandy and led an attack on a German battery firing down on the seaborne invasion force at Utah beach.

'There's no way of knowing how many lives Winters' outfit saved when they took out those four artillery pieces firing down on Utah. It would have been hundreds.' - Shifty Powers, Easy Company

tells the story of the 506th PIR in the words of company veterans. It features over 400 rare photographs; items of memorabilia including maps, diary extracts and rosters; the late Major Winters' handwritten notes; a Foreword by Tom Hanks and Afterwords by Stephen Spielberg and James Madio.

'Call any one of those veteran soldiers by the term 'hero' and they will look away. Let's keep that term to ourselves and be content to flip through the pages of this book, seeing for ourselves in story after story, photo after photo what heroes look like.' - Tom Hanks

Left: Richard Winters, England, 1944, taken from EASY COMPANY

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