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Crossfire Hurricane

29 Nov 2012

Crossfire Hurricane

The Rolling Stones film, Crossfire Hurricane, documents their incendiary career on their 50th year. The highs and lows, riots and revivals are captured with rare video footage of the band onstage, backstage, writing and recording. A new interview with members past and present recorded on the eve of the band' 50th anniversary, along with archival interviews with Brian Jones, tells the Rolling Stones' story.

'Cats have 9 lives and we seem to have got through about 20 lives so far, I don't know how we do it.' - Keith Richards

A great title from a great song lyric; CROSSFIRE HURRICANE is also the name of Bob Gruen's sold-out 1997 Genesis limited edition. Moments from the Stones' EXILE in the South of France and their 1975 TOUR OF THE AMERICAS also feature prominently in the biopic. Crossfire Hurricane is available on BBC iplayer, and you can watch the trailer here.


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