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Changes: New Zealand

24 Sep 2012

Masayoshi Sukita, David HedleyDavid Hedley hosted the New Zealand launch of the Bowie and Sukita art prints in his brand new gallery, HedSpace, last month. Hedley has been a vital part of Genesis since the company's beginnings, from I, ME, MINE,to co-producing BLINDS AND SHUTTERS, to launching our newest venture, Bowie and Sukita's CHANGES collection.

'I got more involved with this one because when I saw Sukita's photos I thought we should do more with it. I floated the suggestion of him coming to Australia and New Zealand and helping him showcase his work. I then thought why not showcase it in Masterton? We had a space that we weren't utilising and we thought it would make a wonderful gallery.' - David Hedley

You can now purchase Sukita and Bowie's signed, large format art series by clicking here, or visit Hedley's online bookstore here.

The Hedleys Booksellers' exhibition runs from September 4th to October 6th, 2012, at HedSpace, Masterton, New Zealand. Click here to see more photos from their show.

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