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Changes: Australia

24 Sep 2012

Sukita relived his first meeting with Bowie for the press at the Australian unveiling of their latest venture, the CHANGES collection, in Melbourne last month.

'With Bowie it wasn't a job that I was offered by the music company - it was me trying to reach him, saying, 'I really want to work with you'. There is a kind of friendship relationship with him, but unfortunately I don't speak English very well, so it's not really hanging out all the time. I don't feel that it's only a professional relationship, and I hope he doesn't see me just as a photographer either. It's more than that.' - Sukita

Sukita and Bowie handpicked 12 of their favourite photographs taken over their 40-year friendship to form this exclusive art series. Just 20 copies of each print have been created worldwide, with numbers rapidly decreasing since the success of our three international launches. You can click here to find out more.

Bowie | Sukita: Changes - A Limited Edition Art Series is available September 2012 at Mossgreen Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. Click here to see more photos from the exhibition.

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