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Bed-In Interview Uncovered

02 Jul 2012

Bed-In Interview Uncovered

An interview with John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Dr. Timothy and Rosemary Leary from the Bed-In in 1969 has recently been unearthed. Leary's archivist, Michael Horowitz, discovered the forgotten tape recording and has now published the transcript online.

'Back in 1984, Tim gave me this as a present to celebrate the completion of his bibliography. I'd completely forgotten I had it.' - Michael Horowitz

Their conversation was recorded on May 29th, 1969, during John and Yoko's peace protest in Montreal. As well as discussing current events with the Learys, John Lennon spoke about his and Yoko's attempt to spread their message via the radio.

'Our voices must be going out solid about every quarter of an hour. And if it isn't singing, it's talking. Most of it's just, 'let's get it together,' and it must be going out now like a mantra. We're trying to set up a mantra, a peace mantra, and get it in their heads. It's gonna work.' - John Lennon

Photograph taken from Bob Gruen and Yoko Ono's SOMETIME IN NEW YORK CITY

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Michael Peto


Sometime In New York City

Sometime In New York City

Bob Gruen, Yoko Ono


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