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Beatles Under the Bed

11 Sep 2012

Beatles Under the Bed
A painting by all four Beatles has been uncovered from under a bed and will be sold at auction on Friday, September 14th.

'Images of a Woman' was made by the Beatles whilst on tour in Japan in 1966. Unable to leave their Tokyo hotel due to the Beatlemania awaiting them outside, the band painted to pass the time. Brian Epstein bought them art supplies, including this large canvas that they each illustrated a corner of and signed in the centre.

'I never saw them calmer, more contented than at this time. They'd stop, go and do a concert, and then it was 'Let's go back to the picture!'' - Robert Whitaker, photographer

Beatles fan and art collector Takao Nishino bought the painting in 1989, and stored it under his bed to protect it from humidity. It will be sold at Philip Weiss Auctions, New York. For your own backstage view of the Beatles, you can click here to order MANIA DAYS. Curt Gunther's exclusive photographs capture the boys relaxing, rehearsing and performing on tour in 1964 as Beatlemania took over the USA. 
Mania Days, The Beatles 1964 US Tour The Photographs of Curt Gunther

Mania Days, The Beatles 1964 US Tour

Curt Gunther


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