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Alice Goes Underground

29 Feb 2012

, a facsimile reproduction of Lewis Carroll's original hand-written manuscript, has now sold out. The story that would later become Alice in Wonderland began in 1862, when Rev Charles Lutwidge Dodgson - otherwise known as Lewis Carroll - told the magical tale to a ten year old Alice Liddell. She insisted that he wrote it down for her, and received the bound and illustrated manuscript as a present two years later.

'What a nuisance I must have made of myself! Still, I am glad I did it now; and so was Mr Dodgson afterwards.' - Alice Liddell (from the introduction)

Genesis borrowed this manuscript from the British Library and replicated it down to the finest details. The handwriting and illustrations of Lewis Carroll are produced in facsimile with the colour of the ink and the style of the paper as close to the original as possible, and every copy is bound by hand. The Genesis limited editions are the only version to feature a photo of the real-life Alice, in an exact replica of the original volume in which it was pasted over a drawing of the subject.

With a foreword by Lewis Carroll's great nephew Philip Dodgson Jaques, and an introduction by Prof Morton Cohen, ALICE'S ADVENTURES UNDERGROUND is a true collector's item that deserves its place in the Genesis Hall of Fame with the other highly sought after out of print editions. Click here to browse the Hall of Fame and if you are interested in trying to obtain an out-of-print volume, sign up for our eNewsletter and be the first to know if we unearth a copy.
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