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1966: Hill Saves Stewart in Big Race

12 Jun 2012

1966: Hill Saves Stewart in Big Race

Sir Jackie Stewart had a close encounter in the Belgium Grand Prix on June 12th 1966. During the race at Spa, JYS, a rainstorm caused seven of the drivers to crash on the first lap. Stewart was trapped in his car, soaked in petrol with severe injuries. Fortunately, fellow racer Graham Hill stopped to help him and Stewart escaped before the car caught fire.

'At the Belgium Grand Prix, 1966, conditions were bad. There was a river across the track, maybe two metres wide, and I aquaplaned. I spun all the way down and off the road, knocked down a woodcutter's hut, knocked down a telegraph pole and went through a fence before dropping down onto the outside basement of a farmhouse, miraculously the right way up.' - Jackie Stewart

This is just one example of how dangerous Formula One was in the '60s and '70s. This accident, and the death of his friends, would prompt Stewart to campaign for improved safety in racing driving.

This page is taken from Jackie Stewart's COLLAGE.

'Note the "Get Well" card. Damon was still a wee boy while I was racing with his father.'- Jackie Stewart
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