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Woodstock Anniversary Celebration

15 Aug 2011

Copyright © Henry Diltz42 years on from the first day of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair (August 15, 1969) Genesis invites you to celebrate with Michael Lang and over 70 artists that were there, through our signed limited edition  WOODSTOCK EXPERIENCE. Graham Nash is one of those many contributors sharing memories, including his revelation that Crosby, Stills and Nash nearly didn't make it to the event after their helicopter almost crashed delivering them to the site.

Graham Nash: "Getting into the concert was traumatic for me because, as we were being transported to the backstage area in a helicopter, the tail rotor stopped operating and the pilot had to slam the machine into the ground... Welcome to Woodstock!"

Having made it to the festival site in one piece, the terror wasn't over for Nash and his band mates. Woodstock was just their second ever live performance and if the half-million crowd weren't enough to put them on edge, the high expectations of their peers was:

Graham Nash: "We waited for a few hours before our show and then took to the stage for what was only our second concert ever. At one point Stephen mentioned that we were 'scared shitless'. True, but we weren't bothered by the amount of people in front of us; we were apprehensive about whether we could pull off a good show in front of the crowds of our peers, our heroes, who were standing at the side of the stage trying to see if this new band could really be as good as the record we had made."

Other contributors to the historic limited edition include musicians such as John Sebastian, Arlo Guthrie, Joe Cocker, The Band and Ravi Shankar, as well as audience members, photographers, artists and Woodstock producers Artie Kornfeld and Joel Rosenman. Woodstock's Executive Producer, Michael Lang, is the publication's Executive Editor and provides letters, notes, contracts and more from his personal archives - including a genuine, vintage ticket included in every set.

To celebrate the anniversary, we are offering all of our customers FREE SHIPPING on the purchase of every copy of WOODSTOCK EXPERIENCE for one week only. Simply enter the word WOODSTOCK into the voucher section when paying for your book for the discount to be applied. Click here to read more and order your copy...

Image above © Henry Diltz and taken from  WOODSTOCK EXPERIENCE.

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