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Ross Halfin's Sojourner 'Extraordinarily Beautiful'

05 Jul 2011

Ross Halfin's Sojourner 'Extraordinarily Beautiful'

July's issue of Record Collector magazine features photographer and author of Genesis's recent limited edition Sojourner: Ross Halfin Travels. "Although he is busier than ever in the music world," the magazine writes, "these days Halfin is far happier taking landscape pictures." Ross's new book, Sojourner, is applauded as "a lavish limited-edition collection of extraordinarily beautiful travel photography."

The five page feature offers a 'no holds barred' interview with Ross discussing the highs and lows of his legendary career. Some of his most iconic work from the world of music is featured alongside a selection of the compelling travel images that feature in Sojourner.

Record Collector: "A lot of the landscape photographs in your new book capture a very haunting and almost mystical atmosphere. Is that something you are conscious of?"

Ross Halfin: "I hope they are haunting and mystical, and I hope they make you stop and think. That's what music originally made me do. I think the whole point in my travel photography is that you want people to actually think they were there with you when you took the picture. You want to transport people and give them the feeling that you've shown them something that they wouldn't normally see, even if it is actually only something you've seen for five minutes. most of the travel photographs in the book were taken in the last ten years. My big regret is not paying attention to it all while I was traveling around the world with bands when I started."

Above: July's issue of Record Collector magazine is out now. Below: Explore Ross's travel photography for yourself in his new signed limited edition book. Follow the links below to see more.

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