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Jackie Stewart's F1 Predictions

24 Mar 2011

Jackie Stewart and his new book, Collage2011's Formula One season begins this weekend with the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park, Melbourne. Ahead of the race Jackie Stewart shares his own thoughts on the upcoming Championship.

"It's far too early to be building teams up or writing them off and it will take a minimum of three races, or maybe even four, before we can see a pattern emerging.

"All the cars are constantly being upgraded and that means a team can be doing well in March or April, then the whole situation is transformed in the space of a few weeks.

"Thus far, the McLarens haven't been very competitive, and neither have the Mercedes, while Red Bull and Ferrari have been setting the pace. But the work never stops at these organisations and nobody really knows what is going to happen until the season actually gets under way. The sport has become so technologically advanced that matters can change very, very quickly."

As for his gut feeling as to who may be the strongest driver this year, Jackie predicts, "I have to go with Fernando Alonso. He has more tools than anybody else in the grid; he has already won two world titles; and he has the advantage of being with Ferrari, where he is definitely the No.1 driver in the team.

"I wouldn't be too downbeat if I was at McLaren, because Lewis and Jenson have both proved that they have loads of ability and you can't dismiss the experience and skill of two guys who have won as many GPs as they have during the last three years.

"Yet, for me, Alonso still has more qualities required to succeed than any of his rivals."

Click here to read more about Jackie's own Championship winning career, 1964-73.

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